Legislative Initiatives to Fund Projects by Private Organizations in State of Fl

I am a private organization in Miami looking for legislative funding

to run social programs within the Community. How do I find out how to

access such

funds? Do Miami-Dade County officials(Commissioners)have discretionary

funds that they can distribute? Can I get a list of projects funded by

Dade County officials last year? Do these funds exist at the State of

Florida level? If so how do I find out about them and access them?

Examples of some of our programs would include:

Job Placement

Job Training

Liaison between schools and Federal and state funding programs

visiting the sick

food banks

after school programs for children

community calendar to prevent conflicts of private events and



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  1. Hello sapes-ga,

    You are engaged in the very challenging project of competing for

    funding for your sponsored causes. Fortunately, there is lots of

    information available to help you with your quest. I’ve collected a

    wide variety of resources to help you identify sources of funding as

    well as organizations that can help you with identifying target

    funding sources and helping you with the grant-writing process. In

    addition, I’ve included a selection of announcement about successful

    grants so that you can see what types of awards are being made in


    I believe that you will be able to find a variety of funding sources

    for projects directed at employment development and job training,

    human services, school programs and other community development


    I wish you well with generating funds for your projects.






    Florida Association of Counties, Inc.

    In response to increasing demands for research, education, training,

    and technical assistance, the Florida Association of Counties created

    the Florida Counties Foundation (FCF) in 1990. FCF is a private,

    non-profit corporation, governed by a Board of Directors that is

    comprised of county commissioners, county administrators, and a county




    Links to Federal, State and private and non-profit grants


    Miami-Dade County government Web site.

    Browse or search for programs and resources


    The goal of the site is to facilitate and maximize receipt of grant

    dollars in Miami-Dade by the County, other governmental entities,

    community-based organizations, small businesses and colleges and

    universities. This Grants site includes links to various grant

    programs; grant-making organizations and grant-related resources that

    will assist organizations in the identification and development of

    potential grant funding. These links include Federal, State, local,

    foundation and private grant funding opportunities, resources and


    ***** See especially section on Economic Development, Education,

    Employment and Training and Human Services. Each heading leads to many

    links for a variety of funding sources and programs.

    ***** See also the left navigation links for Federal, State, etc.



    Grant Tools and Resources

    ***** These links are especially useful for getting oriented to the

    grant-making process.


    Florida Funding Publications, Inc.

    In response to a growing need for information about funding from

    federal, state and foundation resources, John L. Adams & Company

    established a subsidiary, Florida Funding Publications, Inc., in 1985.

    To this day, Florida Funding Publications is the only publisher

    committed exclusively to providing Florida grant-seekerswith vital,

    accurate, up-to-date information about Florida's grant resources.

    ***** This is a consulting organization that publishes a variety of

    newsletters and CD-ROM products for helping you find funding sources.


    Fundsnet Online Services, perhaps the most comprehensive site of its

    kind on the Internet today, is a privately owned Web site created in

    1996 for the purpose of providing Nonprofit Organizations, Colleges

    and Universities with information on financial resources available on

    the Internet.

    ***** This is a portal site that will help you with navigating the

    huge variety of grants resources that might be available to you.


    Florida Department of State — Guide to Grants

    ***** This is a 16 page booklet reviewing 2002 grants. It includes

    funding levels, deadlines, Web sites and other key information for

    specific Florida grant programs.



    State of Florida

    ***** This is the official State of Florida portal that gives you

    access to government agencies, community and demographic information,

    directories of services and other information that might be useful for

    locating resources for developing your programs. You can browse or



    Society > Organizations > Grant-Making Foundations

    ***** Search or browse the directory for sources of funding.


    The Education Fund (The Ed Fund) began in 1985 as a non-profit

    organization that designs, shapes and implements initiatives that

    involve the private sector in improving schools and bringing

    excellence to public education. These initiatives have directly

    affected 10,000 teachers in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools

    system, and more than 380,000 students.

    ***** This site describes about a dozen programs of various sizes.




    July 13, 2001 – Miami-Dade County Receives $1.7 Million In Delinquency

    Prevention Grants From Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

    ***** This press release shows a list of 20 funded programs including

    the name of the program, grant sponsor and amount of grant.


    The following is a list of grants awarded to Tidwell and Associates,

    Inc., including a description of each project, who the proposals were

    submitted to, and the grant

    ***** Some of the grant recipients are in Florida.


    October 5, 2001 — $8.7 Million in Special Education Grants Awarded

    for New Centers to Study Reading, Behavior and Learning Disabilities

    ***** Press release giving information about awards of U.S. Department

    of Education grants, including some for Florida.


    Dade Community Foundation has awarded 13 grants to nonprofit

    organizations working to reduce the risk of HIV infection among

    high-risk populations in Miami-Dade County and working in areas

    hardest hit by the epidemic. The $430,000 in funds awarded is a

    significant increase over previous years and represent the results of

    an important public/private partnership among the Foundation,

    Miami-Dade County and national funders.


    February 24, 2000 — Citibank Awards Grants Totaling $445,000 to 19

    Non-Profit Organizations in Southern Florida

    Citibank has awarded grants totaling $445,000 to 19 non-profit

    organizations serving Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties

    during a breakfast event held today at the American Airlines Arena.

    These grants have been made possible by The Citigroup Foundation and

    target organizations that focus primarily on programs that foster

    community development and education.




    florida government grants

    miami dade funded grants

    florida education grants awarded

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