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How to look beautiful in three days?

Woman, as said by everybody is a beautiful creation of God who always wants to be appreciated and loved by everyone. Each and every girl- woman whether fair, dark, tall, rich or poor wishes to be beautiful and a matter of appreciation. But now a-days due to over busy and tiring schedule they do not get sufficient time to take good care of themselves.

They avoid good diet, and rest for themselves but they take good care of their families and loved ones. But when it comes to them they become careless and starts avoiding thinking that it is too late for them to bring back everything in the right position once again. Lack of nutrients, proper rest and poor diet might also be the root of their shapeless figure, dark circles below the eyes, wrinkles before age and lack of glow on their face.

It might be also due to certain reasons like heavy amount of food taken once in a day when hunger is at its peak otherwise they tend to skip to food with a proper routine. Love for junk foods and oily foods as well can be responsible for these kind of problems.

But now the women can relax and bring back the beauty, glow and figure in just three days. Normally, we try to spend huge amount to improve our personality in terms of skin, glow and figure, diet which takes us a time period of more than months with expensive and experimental products. Whereas, we have natural and easily available tips now to make yourself attractive.

In real meaning, if we follow the natural methods as said earlier, one can have a beautiful body and skin provided it is done on daily basis. A lot of people think that they can buy skin care cream and have a charming face. But the fact is that most of the skin care creams and products contain harmful chemicals and quality less ingredients which can harm the skin as well as body.

Most importantly, if we are determined to have a beautiful skin, there are few things which can benefit a lot if followed sincerely with great amount of trust.

They are:

a) Regular exercise,
b)Maintaining weight of your body by setting realistic goals,
c)Rectify eating habit and taking omega 3 fats like fish oil supplements which helps to get a flawless skin.
d) having enough sleep after regular exercise, and
e) learning the secrets of face beauty.

Before starting this, we should bring little changes in our food and daily habits. We should prepare our body two days prior for the coming three days. Doctors say that before we start the liquid diet, we should start avoiding heavy and oily diets , alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, chocolate, drug like pain killer, antibiotics etc. With this diet we should also take proper rest.

In the morning after coming from morning walk, one can start the day with one glass of fruit juice or can also opt for amala juice (Indian goose berry fruit) which will be of great benefit to health and body of a woman. If you want to make the drink more tasty, you can add honey into it as well and if you do not prefer amala juice, one can prepare a drink which would contain the following :

– 50 gram ginger juice,
– Juice of two lemons,
– 02 Spoon honey and mix it with half glass of warm water.

This juice is not only beneficial for figure of a woman but also helps in improving her skin, hair, eye sight etc.

Apart from this one can also go for Tulasi Juice (A plant which is worshiped in India) (English name – Basil).

To prepare this, you need the following:

– 10 to 12 leafs of Tulasi (Tulsi) and grind it in a mixer Juicer and mix with warm water,
– One Lemon Juice and add one teaspoon of honey.

To keep yourself energetic throughout the day, fruit or vegetable juice must be taken. Tomato is a vegetable which contains calcium, clorine, sodium and iodine in it and it proves to be beneficial to reduce weight. Radish juice can be taken with a pinch of salt and lemon juice mixed with water which helps in burning the calories and fat in body. It also helps for reducing the wrinkles and the pimples and black heads on face.

Simultaneously, it helps in reducing the chances of acidity in your body as well. Fruits like kiwi fruit, banana and mango juice should be avoided because it carries a lot of calories compared to other fruits. We should always prefer juice from orange, tomato, carrot etc., or else mix them with each other which would also be helpful.

Now the most important part is at night. In dinner menu, only vegetable soup should be included. If necessary, add little amount of pulses in it as well. Two bowls of soup can be mixed with little amount of pulses which would be enough as a diet for night.

In addition to this, we can also prefer small amount of wheat juice made out of green pulses which will be useful for health. These are also called a complete diet which is full of nutrients as well. We may also go for Aloe vera juice which is a good option at night. Besides, green leaf soup ( Palak) should be taken. Before going to sleep, it is advisable that one glass of orange juice, apple or grapes juice must be taken.

Once this diet is started for regular three days, good changes would be seen in your skin as well as health. For few days light food and juice should be taken and within four to five days, normal diet is advised. However, avoid following the unhealthy food habits and irregular diet so that it does not hamper the hard work of three days.


We have gathered so much information, methods and ways for keeping ourself beautiful but the old saying is really genuine that the inner feeling of happiness is the tool of bringing natural glow, brightness and confidence which make us beautiful in real terms .A person who is a positive and happy with himself is considered to be a real beautiful person while a person who is selfish or jealous is an ugly person.

Sometime when we see at someone’s eyes we feel impressed as we find a lot of brightness in the eyes of that person. It is not because of the reason that he/she has applied any new method for this very purpose but it is due to the fact that his/her soul and heart is running through all positive thinking. The basic need for keeping ourselves beautiful is that pampering of our body and skin with so many methods will work only when we start thinking in a positive way and our heart and mind is filled up with happiness.

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I work as a stylist in a beauty studio. My advice will help you always look beautiful

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