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Things Are Not Anymore How They Used to Be

From time to time in mankind history big changes take place shaking everything people were used to believe as being true for their lives.

Now we are witnessing such a change which will lead to a new way of perceiving our values and our goals and ultimately to new ways of living our lives.

Most employed people are frustrated. Working for others is becoming more and more a compromise. People go to work because they have to make a living. They have debts to pay and struggle to sustain a decent standard of living.

Being captive in an infernal mechanism they feel they cannot escape from is now a common feeling.
Not more than a decade ago, having and wisely managing a carrier used to be the key to a secure life.

But not anymore

In an ever increasing debts world, corporations are challenged to streamline costs in order to survive. Austerity politics applied by many of states determine a lot of small, medium and big companies to reduce and close their operations. And that means lay offs. More and more people need jobs and more jobs have no chance to show up.

Waiting for the governments to do something and/or occupying Wall Street is a waste of time. Our lives are too short for us to afford to wait for others to help us.

We are the only ones to do something to get out of the cage.

Knowing that it is possible is probably the very first step to take.

Then, we need to learn a lot of new things and, meanwhile, to unlearn old things. We have to change beliefs and get new ones.

It is work and it is evolution

It is about finding our life purpose and building our own way to create value.

It is about waking up from the sleeping mode of living our lives and about getting rid of any compromise.

About the Author

Entrepreneur. My experience in small business is 8 years. I will be glad to share my experience with you.. )

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