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Why Take a Horse Riding Vacation in Northern Mexico?

Millions of people vacation in Mexico every year. Some see the Mayan pyramids and ruins, some go for the beautiful beaches and fruity drinks that have a little umbrella. Doing either one of these may make you miss out on a truly memorable vacation by feeling like it went by like some kind of fast forward blur. Why not slow things down a bit with one of Mexico’s horseback riding vacations?

Horse back riding vacation

By using your vacation time to explore the Mexican country on horseback, you will see the countryside in its full splendor. You can dismount from the horse, walk the land, go amongst the natural beauty. Many of the trails are on privately fenced in land. But don’t be worried about seeing the fences; they are well concealed and many times you won’t even get near them.

Two Types of Rides

– The Short Ride

Many of the horse-riding resorts will be much safer to ride than out in the open wild. The reason for this is that the chances for injury due to poisonous snakes and wild animal are highly reduced on a tended private property. The trails are maintained and very diverse and rides are split up by what time of day you’d like to go.

The morning rides last between 2-4 hours, all depending on how experienced, or novice, the riders are. The afternoon rides are always much hotter and a tougher ride, so they are restricted to 1-3 hour rides.

– The Long Ride

There are two different all day rides. The first lasts about 5-6 hours. The routes and maps to the other areas are available to all the riders, but a guide is always given for every all day tour. The longer full day horse back adventures can lasts up to 8 hours and will have you riding back to the ranch house by dinner.

Many of the longer rides go outside the confines of any fences and ranches. This is true wild Mexican territory you’ll be riding in. These rides can last for several days on horseback, but never take more than driving distance away from the private and well placed ranch house. At the end of each day, the ranch house will pick up you and your horse and take you back to the luxury of the hotel.

When back at the riding ranch, swimming to cool down from the hot southern sun is a favored activity, and the ready buffet when you arrive will keep your bellies full. When riding all day, it’s not uncommon for the horseback newbie to be sore and tired after a long horse ride. The cure to this is an old fashioned deep tissue massage.

Many of the resorts that offer horse riding in Mexico will also offer a hot tub, a masseuse, and even bird watching excursions, for those who love wildlife.

Horseback rides to ancient Mayan pyramids
Horseback rides can also be taken to some of the local Mayan ruins and pyramids in Guatemala, giving a true old timey feel to the whole sight seeing experience that ancient temples give millions of visitors each year.

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