Line Edit of Short Story

I am looking for a line edit on a short story – 4000 words. By line

editing I mean spotting typos, grammar errors, syntax errors,

punctuation errors, subject-verb disagreement & phraseology. I am not

looking for critique, character analysis, or plot suggestions. Anyone

taking on this question should be familiar with Strunk & White or CMOS

and have editing experience.

The editing can be carried out on Writely, a web-based word processor.

All changes are automatically recorded for comparison with the

original. You need not keep track of them and you need not motivate

your corrections ? just make whatever changes you feel are


Here are some excerpts from the story to help you evaluate the text.

Once you decide to take on the question I will send you the

edit-invitation needed for the complete manuscript.

Please respect that this work is under copyright and not in the public domain.

Thank you

Clarification of Question bymindprints-ga

If I am tardy in replying it is because I am sleeping – my time zone is GMT +1

Clarification of Question bymindprints-ga

"Phraseology" is no longer part of the question.

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