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Please tell me who is the literary agents (name & contact

information) for Anthony Robbins. I think her first name is Jan.

I'd like to get her contact information.


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  1. Hello Niurkainc,

    Jan Miller from Dupree/Miller & Associates is Anthony Robinns literary

    agent. She also represents Dr. Phil.

    Contact information:

    Jan Miller

    Dupree Miller & Associates

    100 Highland Park Village, #250

    Dallas, TX 75205

    Phone: (214) 559-2665

    Fax: (214) 559-7243


    ?After a sparse Christmas that year, I wrote the Bonds autobiography

    proposal, and it resulted in a high-six-figure offer from Random

    House. But Bonds turned it down. Had his heart set on a million,

    according to his agent, Dallas-based Jan Miller, who also reps Dr.

    Phil and Tony Robbins. That?s despite the $42 million the Giants pay

    him annually. That offer was all the more remarkable in that few

    people liked Barry, even in those days.?

    News Review

    "…By then, she had quit Zale to open a public relations agency,

    Dupree, Miller & Associates Inc. (Partner Dee Dupree eventually

    married and left the firm, but Miller kept the name.) And, under the

    guidance of Simon & Schuster's Dan Green, Miller evolved into a

    full-time literary agent.?

    Dallas Business Journal

    Search terms used:

    ?Anthony OR Tony Robbins? ?his agent?

    "Jan Miller" Dallas

    I hope the information provided is helpful!

    Best regards,


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Literary Agent

Who is the literary agent for Elmore Leonard and David McCullough?

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  1. Hi jdberr,

    Elmore Leonard's literary agent is Andrew Wylie of The Wylie Agency.

    "Marjorie Braman, Vice President and Executive Editor, will serve as

    Leonard's in-house editor, and Jackie Farber, who previously worked

    with Leonard at Delacorte, will be retained as his outside editor. The

    deal was negotiated with Leonard's agents, Andrew Wylie of The Wylie

    Agency, working in conjunction with Michael Siegel."

    The Write News

    The Wylie Agency

    Client List


    David McCullough's agent is Mort Janklow of Janklow & Nesbit Associates.

    "Notable clients: According to Janklow, "They're all important, and

    it's all too loaded to say." However, mediabistro recognized more than

    a few names from the agency's roster: David McCullough (1776, Truman),

    Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point, Blink), Bill O'Reilly (The

    O'Reilly Factor), and Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11)."

    Media Bistro – Pitching an Agent: Janklow & Nesbit Associates

    "Adams was the soul, the spiritual leader, behind the American

    Revolution,'' said Mort Janklow, McCullough's longtime literary agent

    whose Janklow-Nesbit firm brokered the deal with Creative Artists


    Search criteria:

    "Elmore Leonard" agent

    "Elmore Leonard" literary agent "Andrew Wylie"

    "David McCullough" agent

    "David McCullough" literary agent "Mort Janklow"

    I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions regarding my answer

    please don?t hesitate to ask before rating it.

    Best regards,


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