Location of Sci-Fi Short Story "mana" on the Web

I am looking for a Science Fiction Short story which appeared as an

article link on slashdot at one point. I believe that the story was

named "mana" though I don't seem to be able to find it under that

name. The plot of the first several chapters was that A fast food

restaurant was using a voice recognition system and computer to tell

each of its employees what to do, and act as there manager (this

computer system was named MANA). Because it would tell them what to do

at each step the fast food employees were entirely fungible, and

became even lower class citizens. This devolved into a very distopian

haves/have-nots vision of the future. Then the main character is

rescued by some sort of austrialian group and taken to austrialia

which has become some sort of robot utopia, though that part was

published significantly later.

One thought on “Location of Sci-Fi Short Story "mana" on the Web

  1. I believe your story is actually called "Manna" rather than "Mana."

    The story begins here, and you can follow links to subsequent chapters:

    Marshall Brain: Manna, Chapter 1


    I hope this is precisely what you're looking for. If this is not the

    correct story, or if the link doesn't work for you, please request

    clarification; I'll gladly offer further assistance before you rate my


    My Google search strategy:

    Google Web Search: manna story


    Best regards,


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