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I read a book about 8 years ago about a man who was so frustrated with

the government being corrupt that he began assasinating senators who

he felt were corrupt and every time he did, he would send a letter

that quoted the Declaration of Independance or the Constitution (I

don't remember which) in saying that "when the government no longer

works FOR the people, then it is the responsibility of the people to

take over the government and establish a new one.

If I remember right, the sniper was an ex-Navy SEAL, and the book

ended up with a huge conspiracy and he was never caught.

Please help me find this book, I have tried everything.

The book was written by a man, and the main character was a man.

Clarification of Question bynyghtspydr-ga

In the end, he did get caught, but the man who caught him let him go….

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  1. Hello.

    I believe that your book was "Term Limits" (1997) by Vince Flynn.


    Excerpts from various reader reviews on Amazon.com:

    "….Former Navy Seal leads mission to eliminate corrupt politicians.

    Some good logic. He's been involved abroad with missions eliminating

    enemies of the United States. Why not eliminate politicians who are in

    effect enemies at home?"

    "…I suspect that not all the events are plausible — particularly

    the scene toward the end of "Term Limits" wherein the former Navy SEAL

    fellow commits murder right under their noses."

    "…I mean, does anyone REALLY believe that a handful of former Navy

    SEALs would plot to kill prominent politicians because they refuse to

    cut spending and balance the budget? Yet that is the central premise

    of this book."




    search strategy:

    abebooks.com keywords: assassin congressman

    I hope this helps.

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