Looking For a Children's Book With Color Pictures Circa 1975 or So

The book had maybe 40 topics, with about 2 pages dedicated to each

topic such as: toes, baths, ice cream, beds… The book would list the

best things about baths (for instance) and at the bottom of the page

would always end with something like "But the best thing about baths

is…" I remember on the baths page there were drawings of about 20

bathtubs with people taking bubble baths and then tiny mice taking

bubble baths in the borders. Also the 2 pages on toes showed some toes

being pinched by a crab. The page on ice cream showed drawings of

melting cones and an ice cream shop with a listing of flavors such as

butter brickle. A page on the beds topic with a night scene and showed

different family members snoozing in their beds. Please help.

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