Looking For a Scifi Book – Teleport, "ring Their Bell", Anti-Teleport

Years ago I read a series of books where the protaganist learns he's a

teleporter when his "Bell is rung" by an aging teleport. Things like

anti-teleporters, highly addictive drugs being used to try to coerce

our herro, and a galactic spanning company controlling the teleporters are

included in this series. Also, there is the concept of a dimension

where momentum energy can be added/subtracted so the teleporter or

items teleported

can match the velocity of the destination and not keep the velocity of

the source location.

Anyone know the name of this series, books and/or the author?

Request for Question Clarification bylandog-ga

Do you remember any of the characters names? What was the ra the story

was told in? present / past / future?

Clarification of Question bycptbyteme-ga

Unfortunately, I don't remember the characters name. The story was

told in the future and on various planets. One last thing, there was

a mass limit on how much any teleporter could teleport – but I don't

remember what that limit was.

Clarification of Question bycptbyteme-ga

These are definitely Not the EE "Doc" Smith Lensman books, or any

other books by him.

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