Looking For a Specific Leadership Quote

There is a leadership quote that I have been trying to find that I saw

a long time ago. I believe that it is Asian in origin, but I can't be

100% sure. There are three parts to it, each describing a different

kind of leader. The first part talks about someone who leads from the

front, dictating and directing people. The second is about someone who

still stands out, but is more involved, moving with his people. The

last part describes someone who is a quiet leader, someone who leads

from behind… someone who let the people lead themselves. I think

maybe it loosely references military or governement. I don't know how

much of a needle in a haystack this is, but I thought it was worth a


Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Can you remember any text of the quote? Any additional information, no

matter how small, may help in this search. Thanks.


Clarification of Question byrlgraves-ga

I'm not sure, but I think the last part has something close to walking

behind or following people… after reading the part linked from the

Tao Te Ching, it is expressing the same idea, but it's not the same


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