Looking For Driver Genius Colorpage Hr-2 For Windows 2000

Looking for driver Genius ColorPage HR-2 for Windows 2000. I had one

for Windows 95, but it does not work on Windows 2000. This is an

expensive scanner, and I hope to be able to use it again.

Lily Ossendrijver

One thought on “Looking For Driver Genius Colorpage Hr-2 For Windows 2000

  1. Hi lilyossendrijver-ga:

    The driver you seek (according to Genius's own website) is cpsp.exe,

    is 7+MB in size, and can be downloaded at:


    This driver is good for many of their scanners (including ColorPage

    HR2) and many operating systems (including Windows 2000).

    I found this driver by going to:


    which is an excellent site for finding drivers.

    When I looked up your particluar Scanner make and model, they provided

    me a link to Genius. I followed that, chose their English site, chose

    Tech Support, and then the Driver Download link on the left. After

    that, it was easy.

    Hope this fixes your problem! Let me know if I can clarify anything.


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