Looking For Gory Illustrated Book @ an Inpector & His Dog Following Footprints

I'm looking for the title of a book I owned as a child. It was

completely illustrated, but I do not think anyone would call it a

childrens' book due to the graphic and violent illustrations. I do not

remember there being any words in the book. It had to have been from

earlier than 1980, but probably a bit before that. The illustrations

show an inspector or detective with a magnifying glass, following some

monster's footprints. His loyal dog was by his side. As he followed

the pootprints, increasingly larger and more terrifying creatures

would attempt to attack the inspector. The inspector's dog always

saved him by getting into a vicious fight with each attacker. The dog

ate all the creatures. With each new creature the dog conquered &

devoured, the dog grew larger and more frightening-looking. The

inspector oblivious to all but the footprints, which he continued to

follow. When the inspector finally reached the end of the footprints,

he looked up at the great and terrifying monster who had made them…

and found it was his own dog (who'd been transformed into a monster

himself by eating all the monsters). The dog then ate the inspector.

At one time I thought the title of the book might be "The Inspector,"

but there is another illustrated book with that title by a different

artist. I'd love to learn the title & artist of this book!


Request for Question Clarification by pinkfreud-ga on 25 Jul 2005 10:46 PDT

Does the cover artwork of this book look familiar?



Clarification of Question by poisonberry23-ga on 26 Jul 2005 09:37 PDT

No, it does not seem familiar.

I have doen some more research myself. There is a book my cartoonist

Saul Steinberg entitle, "The Inspector," but this is not the correct


I was excited to find someone else searching for this same book on a

"Stump the Bookseller." Here is was was written:


I75: Inspector, monsters, and his dog

A childrens book that I read in the early 1970s. An inspector sets

out with his small dog. Along the way he meets various monsters that

want to do him harm, but his dog eats each of the monsters in turn.

The inspector is so intent on looking through his magnifying glass

that he is oblivious to the monsters and the fact that his dog is

eating them. Each monster that the dog eats makes the dog bigger and

bigger until at the end of the story the dog is enormous and towers

over the inspector, who still is unaware of any of this. The final

page shows the inspector studying an enormous paw print in the ground

that was obviously made by the huge dog standing behind him.

Kim Platt, Big Max. Your description made me think of a book my

daughter had when she was little, Big Max. He was a little guy, who

wore a Sherlock Holmes hat and cape, traveled by umbrella, and ONLY


what went on around him. He was called the "world's greatest

detective." I know this was an "I Can Read" book and that there were

several Big Max and the Mystery of the . . . books. Since I haven't

seen them all, I don't know if there was one with a dog and monsters.

I75 It might be worth looking at PROFESSOR WORMBOG IN SEARCH FOR THE

ZIPPERUMP-A-ZOO by Mercer Mayer. The professor is looking for a

specific monster, and meanwhile all kinds of monsters and things are

going on around him and he doesn't notice. The cover does show him

looking at a giant footprint while his companion dog-sized (but not a

dog) monster looks at the monsters hovering behind the professor. It

was recently republished. Not all the elements match, but take a look

at the cover online.~from a librarian


I never thought of the book as a children's book, though as a young

girl I did. Perhaps it IS classified as a childrens' book, but it is

so graphic & violent, it is hard to imagine.

But at least I now know the book is at least as old as the early 70's.


Clarification of Question by poisonberry23-ga on 26 Jul 2005 09:44 PDT

I noticed that the Mercer Mayer book is the one you were also asking

about. It is without a doubt NOT the same book I am referring to.


Clarification of Question by poisonberry23-ga on 26 Jul 2005 09:52 PDT

I asked my sister, who also remembers the book. She agrees with me

that this was NOT a children's book, though it could have been

mistaken for one since it was only art and no text. Also – I remember

that the drawings were pen & ink — no color. I also clearly remember

one drawing of the dog – very monstrous at that point – picking his

teeth with a bone from his latest slaughter.

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