Looking For Joe Boxer Guy Dancing in Underwear Ad

If you've got it in downloadable movie format (no streaming stuff

please), it's the funniest thing since sliced bread, and I haven't

been able to find a copy of it anywhere. In it (if you haven't seen it

yet) it has this really cheesy soundtrack along with a guy just

dancing in his underwear. Also, I'm looking for a downloadable copy of

the Pizza Hut "Where's the cheese at?" commercial, or at the least

soundclip of the jingle. One's good, both would be great, and any help

at all is appreciated. Thanks and good hunting!


Clarification of Question byskermit-ga

BTW, no pay-for-access sites please, I know adcritic.com probably has

a copy of both ads, but they charge an AMAZINGLY high admission price

to view ADVERTISEMENTS which are propaganda for us to buy a company's

products anyways… *shrug* how they figure charging for 'em is

anybody's guess.


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