Looking For Large Running Shoes

I have big feet and i need good running shoes

I have Nike Shox in 15 and they are too small.

I can wear size 14 (UK size) doc martens with no discomfort. the

equivalent US size is 15.5 i guess, but they are pretty wide. if they

are equivalent to a doc martens 14, they should work for me.

I DO want:

running shoes, good for short or long distance running at high speed

high-quality shoes, such as those costing $100 and up from nike,

adidas, asics, newbalance, and saucony

size 16 or 15 extra wide.

I DO NOT want:

basketball shoes (these are easy to get in large sizes but suck to run


cross-trainers (ditto),

boots/regular shoes (anything i can't run in),

cheap/bad shoes (no-name brand, <$50)


If you want to comment about good casual shoes in 15+, that would be

great and i would appreciate it (the only casual shoes i can find are

a few models from timberland, and the doc martens), but the answer i

am looking for will be a specific url/manufacturer/style combination,

or a store in the SF Bay Area that sells RUNNING shoes in size 16 or

15 EEE (along with the specific shoes)

here's pics of good shoes (anything like this = mucho gusto)





here's some pics of bad shoes (i don't want shoes like these)


these are more for trail running


basketball shoes (big clunky soles not made for distance or speed –

these are made to stop and turn)

http://www.instyleshoes.com/images/kicks/830119101s.jpg – more

basketball shoes


– and more trail running shoes

you would think it would be easy but it's been really hard. money is

no object – in fact, the more $ they are, the better (the Shox i dont

wear cost $150).

if you can't find any, PLEASE DON'T ANSWER.


3 thoughts on “Looking For Large Running Shoes

  1. First, I think you may need 16, if 15 doesn't fit you. It seems many

    models of running shoes run a little small. Be aware of that when you

    buy – you may need a bit larger size than your regular one.

    New Balance is the major brand name that makes running shoes that

    size. I personally recommend these ones, they are very comfertable and

    with good support. I also found nice Eccos (which is one of the best

    brands in the world, in my opinion) – However, Ecco don't do running

    shoes. Their shoes are very comfertable for hiking, working, etc. The

    problem with New Balance is that their factory ships only in

    continental US. You can of course make an order through a store in the

    UK; or buy through the Internet.

    So, are New Balance Shoes good for you? There are plenty in your size.


    – you can also chose the width, and not only the size, in this store,

    so you can chose narrow 15s;

    here you have them again – up to 17 –



    – They also have nice men's shoes – again running shoes are New


    I also refer you to this discussion group on running –


    They may be able to offer you other advices and tips.

  2. sorry – i should have been clearer – my 15's are too small, so 16 is

    probably the smallest i can use.

    Of the three links you gave me:

    The first link has nothing over 15

    The second link says "these shoes can only be sold in the store" –

    which is in Canada, so that doesn't work for me. plus they only had

    cross trainers in my size anyway.

    the third link has a single model of cross trainers in 16 – MX608 –

    along with lots of walking shoes

    Can you do a little better? one pair of cross trainers is an answer, i

    guess, but not a great one.

  3. First, let me apologise for not adding the most obvious link, New

    Balance's site, as noted under (by firefly-ga), I somehow saw the UK

    size and skip the line that wrote clearly that you're looking for

    stores that ship to SF (which New Balnce do, of course).

    Their M991GL, M991NV, M1121MC, M587NV, M854WN, M879NS, M805AT,

    M805NV, M498WN are sold in 16 (but M991NV not for very narrow feet;

    only M1121MC and M587NV are trainer). Check out more here –


    Fleet Feet (2086 Chestnut St., San Francisco, CA 94123, (415)

    921-7188) may be able to place a special order for you.

    http://www.fleetfeet.com The name of the store manager is Mitchell Masia ,

    you can email him at sanfranciscoff@aol.com

    For casual shoes, let me recommend Ecco again (with lifetime

    guarentee). http://www.ecco.com/ – size 50 is the European equivalent

    to American 16. They have shoes in that size. They also have sports

    shoes (try this model: Receptor Light Men 25554-342 and Receptor Light

    Men 25554-107 ; the first is not available in US stores but can

    probably be ordered in the Ecco Flagship Store in San Francisco: 236

    POST ST, 94108, Phone: 4159563462)

    Other stores you should consider:


    – design your own shoes.

    http://www.fdsports.co.uk/running2.html – These offer other shoes, but

    in the UK

    Hope that helped, please contact me again if you need something and I

    hope you'll find the right running shoes.

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