Looking For the Name of the Gospel Song From the Movie Firewall W/ Harrison Ford


In the recent movie with Harrison Ford (character name = Jack) called

'FireWall' there is one scene where some people run into a church

building and inside the entire audience is standing and singing some

very upbeat fun Gospel song. The only words I remember from the song

are "His name is Jesus".

I have tried searching for this song, but that info that I have is not

enough for me to be able to find this song. Does anyone happen to

know the name and artist of this song?

Thank you! 🙂

One thought on “Looking For the Name of the Gospel Song From the Movie Firewall W/ Harrison Ford

  1. Howdy uscpuman-ga,

    The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) website lists the soundtracks for the

    2006 movie "Firewall" and it includes the song that you seek.



    'Jesus, Friend of Sinners'

    Written by Paul Oakley


    The official website of Paul Oakley make mention of the song and the movie.



    Paul was excited to hear that 'Jesus Friend of Sinners' has been featured

    in the new Harrisson Ford movie 'Firewall'."

    His website includes the lyrics to the song, including the line that you

    remember. Because of copyright issues, I will not reproduce them here.


    You can listen to a clip of the song on the Amazon website.


    "Jesus, Friend Of Sinners – Paul Oakley"

    If you need any clarification, please feel free to ask.

    Search strategy:

    Checked out the IMDb website entry for the movie.


    Google search on: "Paul Oakley"


    Did a search on the Amazon website for Paul Oakley.


    Looking Forward, denco-ga – Google Answers Researcher

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