Looking For This Book Title

I need help finding a book.

The title is an Acronym I believe 4-5 characters separated by periods.

I read the first book as a child and want to read the rest of the

series for nostalgia. The book in question was paperback when I read


The premise of the book is someone explodes a nuke somewhere in the

west (Arizona?) and thus starts the war.

The US was developing mech suits that had the capability of "jumping"

over a mile (think Incredible Hulk movie). These suits fire balls of

explosive material from an arm launcher (c4 maybe).

The main character finds something amiss and tells his "girlfriend or

wife" to get out and move out to the bomb shelter they had made. Luck

had it that she restocked it recently (coincidence I know) because she

took her schoolchildren (she is a teacher) to the "bunker" recently.

All in all the mech suits were deployed for some reason and they march

to stop "the Russians" (if I recall correctly) in Washington (someone

dropped a neutron bomb over the area).

/sigh.. This one is a doozie..

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  1. I believe your series is C.A.D.S. (an acronym for "Computerized

    Attack/Defense System), by John Sievert (a pseudonym).

    "They're called C.A.D.S.- Computerized Attack/Defense System.The next

    generation of America's high-tech soldier. Seven foot tall battle

    armor suits that are equipped with flame-throwers, armor piercing

    shells, machine guns and much more.all operated by voice command.

    However no one dreamed that they would become America's last line of

    defense. The unthinkable has happened. The Soviet Union's nuclear

    first strike has left America crippled, tens of millions dead, and its

    armed forces decimated. Now the Soviets begin their sweep across the

    American landscape to achieve complete victory. Only one thing stands

    in their way: Colonel Dean Sturgis and his C.A.D.S. unit. Now,

    untested in battle, the C.A.D.S. must race against time to rescue the

    President from his White House bunker before the Soviet's can capture

    him and demand the surrender of the United States."

    Thrift Books: C.A.D.S.


    Some of the C.A.D.S. books are available used:

    AddAll Rare, Used and Out of Print Book Search


    Here's a list of the C.A.D.S. titles and the actual authors' names:

    "SIEVERT, JOHN; house pseudonym

    C.A.D.S. [by Ryder Syvertsen & Jan Stacy] (Zebra 0-8217-1641-7, Nov

    ?85, $3.50, 398pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.] Sf war novel of the ?Computerized

    Attack/Defense System?. They are the ?high-tech soldiers of tomorrow,

    fighting for America?s survival.?

    C.A.D.S. # 2: Tech Battleground [by Ryder Syvertsen] (Zebra

    0-8217-1790-1, Apr ?86, $2.95, 285pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.] Sf post-holocaust

    adventure novel of armored warriors vs. Soviet invaders, second in the


    C.A.D.S. # 3: Tech Commando [by Ryder Syvertsen] (Zebra 0-8217-1893-2,

    Sep ?86 [Aug ?86], $2.95, 252pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.] Post-holocause sf

    series adventure novel.

    C.A.D.S. # 4: Tech Strike Force [by Ryder Syvertsen] (Zebra

    0-8217-1993-9, Feb ?87 [Jan ?87], $2.95, 270pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.] Fourth

    novel in the sf post-holocaust adventure series.

    C.A.D.S. # 5: Tech Satan [by Ryder Syvertsen] (Zebra 0-8217-2313-8,

    Mar ?88 [Feb ?88], $2.95, 286pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.] High-tech

    post-catastrophe military novel.

    C.A.D.S. # 6: Tech Inferno [by Ryder Syvertsen] (Zebra 0-8217-2410-X,

    Jul ?88, $2.95, 255pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.] Post-holocaust adventure novel.

    Men in fighting suits battle the evil communists.

    C.A.D.S. # 7: Doom Commander [by Ryder Syvertsen] (Zebra

    0-8217-2685-4, Jun ?89 [May ?89], $2.95, 220pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.]

    Post-holocaust military sf novel.

    C.A.D.S. # 8: Cybertech Killing Zone [by Ryder Syvertsen] (Zebra

    0-8217-2818-0, Oct ?89, $2.95, pb) Post-holocaust military sf novel.

    C.A.D.S. # 9: Suicide Attack [by David Alexander] (Zebra

    0-8217-2926-8, Mar ?90 [Feb ?90], $2.95, 224pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.]

    Post-holocaust military sf novel.

    C.A.D.S. #10: Recon by Fire [by David Alexander] (Zebra 0-8217-3147-5,

    Oct ?90 [Sep ?90], $2.95, 222pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.] Post-holocaust

    military sf novel

    C.A.D.S. #11: Death Zone Attack [by David Alexander] (Zebra

    0-8217-3374-5, Aug ?91, $3.50, 176pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.] Post-holocaust

    military sf novel in an ongoing series.

    C.A.D.S. #12: Tech Assassins [by David Alexander] (Zebra

    0-8217-3600-0, Dec ?91 [Nov ?91], $3.50, 192pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.]

    Post-holocaust military sf novel in an ongoing series."

    My Google search strategy:

    Google Web Search: cads "john sievert"


    I hope this is the correct series. If not, please request

    clarification, and I'll be glad to offer further assistance.

    Best regards,


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