Looking For This Song Played on American Dad, Episode 203


On episode 203 of American Dad, there is an instrumental/techno type

of song played when Stan learns his son Eddie is a geek and not a

jock. Only the first couple of seconds are played and I was wondering

whether anybody can place it. You can download a clip of that part at

http://www.anjli.me.uk/episode-203-riff.mp3 so you can hear it.


Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

I believe that is a fragment of "Mondo '77," by Looper, from the album

"The Geometrid."

You can listen to a longer clip here:

Amazon: The Geometrid


If you agree this is the correct song, I'll be glad to post it as your

official answer.

Clarification of Question byrssohan-ga

You are absolutely right! Thanks! Go ahead and post it as the answer

One thought on “Looking For This Song Played on American Dad, Episode 203

  1. I'm glad to have been able to help you identify your song. I haven't

    seen that episode of "American Dad," but I recognized the music

    instantly. Very catchy stuff.

    So, for the record, the song is "Mondo '77," by Looper, from the album

    "The Geometrid."

    Amazon: The Geometrid


    Now I've got to dig out that album and listen some more!

    Best regards,


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