Looking to License Video of Bush/clinton Speeches For a Documentary Film

I'm seeking specific information about how to best acquire

Television broadcast-quality segments of President Clinton & Bush's

speeches, press conferences, etc. including the cost structure to

properly license them for use in a for-profit documentary.

I have about 70 separate clips in mind that I have identified by

searching the text of speeches,(though not a complete list yet), each

between 15 and 60 seconds long.

Cost is a significant factor, so, if possible, the government is

probably my first choice in terms of sourcing the material. I believe

the content of these clips is in the public domain, but I?m not sure

how to find or acquire them through the government. While the actual

voice and images of Presidents Bush and Clinton are in the public

domain, there's probably some administrative cost and cost for the

actual video, even if sourced through the government.

Is there a central repository or clearing house, such as the Library

of Congress or National Archives, where this content is available?

Since these are Presidential communications, my thought is that

they're kept as a video record, ideally within the government and

accessible via the Freedom of Information Act.

If the above is definitely not available through any branch or agency

of the government, then perhaps there is a private entity such as the

Associated Press or C-SPAN, or wherever else your insight and

experience leads you.

Thank you very much for your time and expertise. I'm very much

looking forward to what your research pulls together.

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Thanks for being persistent with this question, even though it's a tough one.

The problem, of course, is that videos stem from many different

sources, and there's no one-stop shopping spot that I'm aware of that

is likely to have all 70 — or even most — of the clips you're

looking for.

A good starting point, though, is probably the AP video archives:


Take a look at what their service has to offer, and then get back to

us to let us know what sort of additional sources you need to get you

closer to a complete set of 70 clips.

Good luck,


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Hello pafalafa and thanks for your time and input.

I've been to the AP video archives, which I thank you for and think is

a good point of departure, but I can't help but think that some

informed person out there is aware of what I'm seeking,ideally through

the gov't.



Request for Question Clarification bypafalafa-ga


Hi…just checking in.

Between my work, and the helpful comments made by katecoe-ga, I think

we've arrived at the following:

–there are not any comprehensive, public domain sources of free

footage. Most of the material belongs to news services, and is only

commercially available.

–The White House does make some select video available on its

website, but the odds are slim that these would include the precise

film you're looking for.

–Three sources of commercially-available material have been identified:

-the AP archives at: http://www.aptnlibrary.com/

-BBC/CBS archives at: http://www.bbcmotiongallery.com

-NY1 archives (only back to 1999) at: http://www.ny1.com

Can you let me know what additional information you would like at this

point, to make for a complete answer to your question?

Thanks a lot…and best of luck!


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Hi markthegeek-ga!

Thank you for your patience.

This article is an interesting read to your problem.


In light of that article, how do you want us to proceed with your question?



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