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The key to healthy living

After work, the majority of the workforce moves from being seated behind a desk to being seated behind a steering wheel. Many choose to visit the drive up window at fast food restaurants on their way home. Others may overeat at home because they hadn’t eaten throughout the day and feel starved. It is easy to see the self-destructive cycle that leads people to be overweight or obese. The supposed convenience of drive through and delivery meals added to a predominantly sedentary workforce can end in no other result.

How can society break this pattern and put itself on the path to healthy living? The solution comes from understanding the problem. The human body has programming that is thousands of years old and unlikely to change in the future. This programming is what helped cavemen survive in times when they may have had to wait more than a day to find enough food to eat.

That same programming works against our current work and eating habits and contributes to obesity. When you eat only one big meal per day, the body will store excess calories because it knows that it may be a while before it gets fed again. Add to this concept some basic math. When the body takes in more calories than it spends, it gains weight. To lose weight, the opposite must happen. More calories must be spent than are taken in.

Anyone who wants to lose weight must change both their behaviour and their relationship with food. Healthy living requires a fundamental understanding of what a good diet is.

Vegetables are a perfect food. They contain many important nutrients that nourish your body and provide needed fiber and other minerals which help the digestive process. Vegetables like broccoli are known to have cancer fighting qualities. There has been news recently that suggests vegetables are best eaten raw. It has been shown that more minerals, vitamins and nutrients make it into the body when the vegetable is not over cooked. A salad loaded with plenty of vegetables makes for a fantastic lunch or dinner.

Fruits are another often neglected food that should be eaten daily to provide optimal nutrition for your body. Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber which promote health. Breakfast is an important meal that many people unfortunately skip. An assortment of diced fruit or a fruit smoothie make for an excellent breakfast and perfect start to the day.

People who eat several smaller meals throughout the day are statistically healthier. A variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts can be eaten throughout the day and make for excellent mini-meals.

Of course, exercise is critical to weight loss. Unfortunately, many people don’t exercise regularly due to overloaded work schedules. Take the elevator instead of the stairs. Go for a short walk around the work parking lot a couple of times a day. When parking at a mall, supermarket or shopping center, leave the car a little farther from the front door.
Almost any extra calorie expenditure helps.

Changing behaviour and wanting to be healthy takes a change in attitude. It is not always easy, but it is always possible.

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