Mac Person Needs Word Perfect Conversion

I've received a disk containing about 50 files created in Word Perfect

on a PC. I'm a Mac person using Word. Normally I would ask the

author to convert her WP files to RTF and I could go from there, but

that's not feasible. No one I know locally still uses WP, sorry to


Is there anywhere online that offers free conversion from WPD to RTF

or Word? Barring that, are there any inexpensive software tools I

could download that would do the same and work on my Mac? I really

don't want to go buy WP just to read this one disk.

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  1. I'm not sure about free utilities, but MacLinkPlus will convert

    between practically ANY windows format to Macintosh format there is. A

    list of all the filetypes able to be converted FROM and converted TO

    (you do not need the program in question) makes it a must have tool

    for any macintosh user living in a PC dominated market. It will come

    in handy when you receive file attachments and the like in the future

    and is very reasonable at only $99.

    I checked around for translators that Microsoft might have written for

    your version of Word, but a simple search on their site turned up two

    dead links. My guess is they've stopped supporting Word for Macintosh.

    You can check the search yourself at the link below.

    Also, I tried to see if Corel offers a free trial on their WordPerfect

    software for Macintosh just so you can open the one file, copy/paste

    the text, and then be done with it. Their downloads page offers six

    download links for their demo software, NONE of which work. *sigh*

    So I guess we're back to square one which means you'll have to pick up

    MacLinkPlus. That is unless, a generous mac user commenter is willing

    to convert the files for you and e-mail 'em back to you. But

    researchers aren't supposed to participate in extracurricular ga

    stuff. One last thing you might try is to take it to your local Kinkos

    or other document printing store. They should have all the necessary

    software to read/write/convert documents because it's part of their

    business when people come in with archaic document formats. Good luck!

    Additional Links:

    MacLinkPlus Information Page:

    MacLinkPlus List of Translators: Download Center search for perfect (with non-working

    translator links): Word Perfect Downloads Page (with non-working free trial


    Search Strategy:

    wordperfect macintosh word conversion on google:


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