Marketing Software Training Services

I am starting a software training service, where I train employees of

companies, non-profit organizations, and public agencies in the

following skills: (a) Effective use of Microsoft Office programs,

especially Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint; (b) Database design

principles; and (c) Visual Basic programming. This list is in

descending order of importance, i.e., the emphasis will be on the MS

Office training, and that is also where I expect to find the greatest

demand. As of this time, I don't have packaged "courses", but will

teach whatever combination of skills my client is interested in. I

also develop printed handouts and computer files designed specifically

for each client, that employees can use after the training to refresh

their memories and learn the material in more depth.

I intend to market my services by a combination of direct mail and

e-mail contact, possibly with follow-up by phone – and possibly by

getting listed with any business service directories or referral

services that may apply to my field. As I'm a one-person operation and

my own resouces are very limited, I want to restrict my marketing

effort only to the best prospects. My question is: How do I identify

the companies and organizations in my area that are most likely to

need, want, and be able to pay for my services? They can be very small

organizations – typically, I only teach 5 to 10 people at a time

anyway – as long as they're legitimate prospects for software


I am located in Greenfield, Massachusetts, in the area called the

Pioneer Valley. My "prime" market area would be the Pioneer Valley

region from Springfield north to Brattleboro, Vermont, but I'm also

willing to reach a little further and market myself in Greater Boston

and Hartford, CT.

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