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Somebody close to me has suffered from mental illness for over 1 year.

Where on the Web can I find comprehensive, in-depth and unbiased information on

mental health related questions? I am also very interested to know which online

service is used by psychiatrist for expert medical information on mental


Thanks in advance

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Is it known what mental illness they are suffering from? Any type of

categorization will help in narrowing answers to better resources for you.

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  1. Gl-ga,

    Your friend is not alone. According to the National Mental Health Association:

    "More than 54 million Americans have a mental disorder in any given year,

    although fewer than 8 million seek treatment (SGRMH, 1999)."

    "Depression and anxiety disorders — the two most common mental illnesses — each

    affect 19 million American adults annually (NIMH, 1999)."

    There are many sites that provide basic mental health information and

    resources, but if you are looking for information on how to best help your

    friend it would be most useful to look at sites geared toward the specific

    illness he or she has been diagnosed with. Some sites for common illnesses


    The National Institute of Mental Health – Publications about various common


    Dr. Ivan's Depression Central

    Anxiety Disorders Association of America

    Sites that provide basic information and answers to common questions include:

    Ask the Expert – questions about many mental illnesses

    The National Women's Health Information Center – mental health

    Depression Frequently Asked Questions – faq (copy):

    The National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association – About Mood Disorders

    Sites geared toward mental health professionals include:

    American Psychiatric Association

    American Psychological Association

    Psych Web – resources for psychology students and instructors

    Academy of Clinical Psychology

    American Board of Professional Psychology

    Academy for Eating Disorders

    This information is not meant to replace the treatment of a qualified and

    licensed mental health professional. Some useful tools for locating treatment

    options and support groups are:

    American Psychological Association: Find a Psychologist referral number


    The National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association – Find a Support Group



    Some useful URLs (including some suggested by other Users):

    Google Directory: Health > Mental Health > Directories

    Yahoo Directory: Home > Health > Mental Health

    Open directory: Top: Health: Mental Health: Professional Resources

    National Institute of Mental Health

    The Merck Manual Home edition

    (to view information, click on "interactive edition," then Chapter 7: Mental

    Health Disorders)

    The Center for Mental Health Knowledge Exchange Network

    Internet Mental Health – online encyclopedia of mental health information

    The National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association

    HealthWeb – Psychological/Psychiatric General Resources

    Search terms used:

    "mental health"


    professional resources psychiatry OR psychiatrist





    "anxiety disorder"


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