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Mobile Phones have been equipped with more and more features over the

past years. For example nowadays, if you buy a new phone, having a

camera in it is not regarded as a high-tech feature anymore. My

question aims at the needs of mobile phone users now and in the next

future: What are the most important features customers want to come

along with their phone and what influences the buying decision? What

are the trends for 2007/2008? Please let me know if the set amount of

money is sufficent. Thanks

Request for Question Clarification byeasterangel-ga


I can only find the feature trends based on a survey made in 2006. I

also found one trend for 2007 but it is already in mobile phones today

but it isn't used as much. It is expected to pick-up next year.

Is this enough for you? I ask because 2006 to 2007 or even 2008 is

pretty close to catch a very new trend for consumers.


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  1. Hello oxotnik-ga,

    As cell phone penetration approaches 100 per cent in some parts of the

    world the greater challenge is to develop services, features and

    capabilities that will entice customers to upgrade. There is a

    tremendous amount of activity in developing future products and

    services. Since Japan and Europe are ahead of the US in cell phone

    usage I recommend that you review the articles I?ve found that discuss

    these markets. In addition, I?ve found several reports, research

    organizations and websites that monitor this industry. I?ve posted a

    selection of articles from these sites but to best answer your

    question I suggest that you continue your explorations on your own.

    Wishing you well for your project.

    ~ czh ~

    Latest Trends in Cell Phones

    The latest trends in cell phones reflect a convergence of voice, video

    and data communications.

    By blending information with entertainment, cell phones are

    center-stage in the evolving trend of mobile infotainment.


    Cell Phone Trend Watch

    Essentially the trend news about cell phones is all good. And with

    each new cell phone trend comes further confirmation that most

    consumers are wild about wireless as the integration of advanced

    multimedia features moves full-speed ahead.

    (Browse through the assorted links and articles reviewing current

    trends and future projections.)


    Mobile Devices Information Service


    Future Cell Phones: The Big Trends, 2005-2010

    Service: Mobile Devices

    Report Number: IN0502105WH

    Publication Date: March 2005

    Number of Pages: 52

    Report Price: $3,495 U.S. Dollars

    Analyst: Neil Strother

    The report, titled "Future Cell Phones: The Big Trends, 2005-2010,"

    also forecasts when the certain trends are likely to take off. You'll

    find out what to expect from Wi-Fi-enabled handsets, the latest on

    fuel cell rollouts, and the shipment picture for TV on wireless


    In addition, primary research shows what end-users think about:

    – Location-based services

    – Phones that act as your wallet for mobile payments

    – Skype-enabled cell phones

    – Growing storage capacity

    Plus, there's a brief discussion about what manufacturers and

    carriers are doing as they prepare for 3.5G and 4G wireless services.

    (This is a very expensive market research report but the Table of

    Contents and lists of tables and figures reveals some interesting

    statistical projections and trends.)


    -11 April 2005 –

    Future mobile features

    Cell phone users have mixed feelings about predicted new handset

    features, reports In-Stat. According to a proprietary survey of cell

    phone users by the high tech research firm, Wi-Fi- and Skype-enabled

    handsets, voice activation for text input, and mapping and traffic

    routing features resonate well.

    However, few respondents expressed interest in wireless phones that

    could be used as a wallet for purchases, or for watching TV programs.

    "Some of these opinions will shift with time," says In-Stat analyst,

    Neil Strother, "Enthusiasm could build for services that do not poll

    well today. But it will be up to manufacturers and carriers to help

    move these end-users to more favorable views."

    A recent report by In-Stat found the following:

    ? 42% of the respondents were very or extremely interested in voice

    activation for their wireless phones.

    ? More than 4 in 10 were very or extremely interested in buying a

    wireless phone with built-in Wi-Fi for voice and data.

    ? Just 12% had an interest in buying a wireless phone capable of

    receiving TV broadcasts.

    The report, "Future Cell Phones: The Big Trends, 2005-2010", forecasts

    when new trends in mobile phone features and services are likely to

    take off; what to expect from Wi-Fi-enabled handsets; the latest on

    fuel cell rollouts, and the shipment picture for TV on wireless


    In addition, primary research shows what end-users think about:

    location-based services, phones that act as your wallet for mobile

    payments, Skype-enabled cell phones, and growing storage capacity.

    Plus, there's a brief discussion about what manufacturers and carriers

    are doing as they prepare for 3.5G and 4G wireless services.


    Wirefly Releases List Of Five Biggest Cell Phone Trends

    Wirefly's Five Biggest Cell Phone Trends Of 2005 And Trend Predictions For 2006


    Wirefly (, an online leader in one-stop comparison

    shopping for cell phones and wireless phone plans, today released a

    list of the five trends that had the biggest impact on cell phone

    sales in 2005 and trend predictions for 2006.

    "The hottest thing in cell phones last year was, without a doubt, the

    popularity of the Motorola RAZR," said Brian Westrick, president of

    Wirefly. "Thin was definitely in – the RAZR was Wirefly's number one

    best seller by a bigger margin than held by any phone previously."

    In 2005, the five most popular trends driving cell phone purchases at were:

    1. Motorola RAZR

    2. Smartphones

    3. 3G technology

    4. Keyboard phones

    5. Camcorder/ video phones


    Wirefly Outlines the 5 Biggest Cell Phone Trends of 2005

    Wirefly predicts big trends for 2006 are going to include:

    1) Music and mobile TV phones;

    2) A bigger selection of smartphones with more robust operating systems;

    3) Phones designed for children;

    4) Expanded GPS services; and,

    5) Increased comfort ordering services online and expansion of market

    share by authorized online agents such as Wirefly.


    Wirefly Highlights Top Cell Phone Design Trends

    March 21, 2006

    Online Wireless Leader Sees Cell Phone Styles Diversifying

    WASHINGTON, March 21 — Wirefly, ( ), an online

    leader in one-stop comparison shopping for cell phones and wireless

    service plans, today released its list of popular design trends for

    cellular phones. As the cell phone market nears saturation, cell phone

    companies are increasingly appealing to the consumer?s sense of style

    as a way to drive sales.


    Wireless Web 101: Trends in Mobile Media

    February 23, 2005

    In a new monthly column, ThirdScreen Media's Heidi Lehmann profiles an

    exciting new channel: wireless web advertising.

    The recent confluence of several key technology events in the mobile

    phone industry have set the stage for the wireless web to offer

    advertisers the type of content, reach and presence that make it worth

    spending money in this new media channel.

    These milestones include:

    1. Significant increase in consumer awareness

    2. Faster connectivity speeds and 3G Networks — so content can be accessed

    3. The introduction of WAP 2.0 — this enables more robust graphics

    and a better user experience.

    4. Better handset functionality — this enables more data services

    Data services include technologies such as the wireless web, video,

    text messaging, game downloads, instant messaging and email that are

    transforming the mobile phone into an always-with-you, always-on

    communication-information-entertainment device.

    The wireless industry is established and growing

    According to Forrester Research, 169 million U.S. consumers own or

    have access to a mobile phone. This number will increase to 200

    million by 2007. Of those 200 million, it is projected 84 million will

    be data subscribers, up from 26 million in 2002.


    Creative Mobile Marketing

    May 05, 2006

    ipsh!'s creative lead discusses mobile content and knowing your mobile audience.


    TGI Global Barometer

    TGI facts and figures from around the world

    (This report is slightly dated but the international trends cited are

    still relevant for anticipating future cell phone developments.)


    Japanese cellphone trends presage converged mobile future

    Jun. 10, 2005

    Mobile phones will evolve from communication tools to integrated

    communication devices, media terminals, credit cards, and remote

    controls, according to a report from telecom research firm Berg

    Insight. The report examines the world's most advanced mobile market,

    Japan, for clues about where the industry might be headed.

    According to Berg Insight Analyst Sabine Ehlers, the most significant

    trend in the Japanese mobile phone market is the emergence of the

    phone as a ubiquitous tool for "most personal electronic needs."

    Phones travel everywhere with users, Ehlers says, and service

    providers have created services that enable phones to be used to pay,

    check in, enter, and travel, just by waving the phone in front of


    (This article provides insights for anticipating worldwide cell phone trends.)


    Berg Insight offers premier business intelligence to the telecom industry.

    (These reports are fairly expensive but you can glean some relevant

    information from the list of products and a review of product sheets



    Mobil Market Insights 2006

    (The section on Service Trends, pages 17-20, are particularly relevant for you.)


    The latest news & announcements about Windows based embedded applications …

    (Search for < cell phone trends > to get a selection of current news

    items about current developments and future projections. Formulate new

    searches for cell phone related topics that interest you. Browse the

    results and follow links of interest.)


    Phone Scoop is a comprehensive resource for mobile phone shoppers,

    users, enthusiasts, and professionals, focusing on the U.S. market.

    We provide up-to-the-minute market and industry news. We continuously

    monitor numerous sources from around the web and beyond, and feature

    only the most relevant news for our target audience.

    We regularly publish in-depth phone reviews and special reports,

    covering various topics, including event reports and technology


    For those with questions to ask and enthusiasts, we also offer online

    forums. In addition to general-topic forums, we also offer dedicated

    discussion areas for every manufacturer, carrier, phone, and news item

    on the site.




    mobile OR cell phone outlook OR trends

    Future Cell Phones: The Big Trends, 2005-2010

    mobile OR cell phone outlook OR trends features OR capabilities

  2. Hi Easterangel,

    Well done! I see czh has given me quite something to browse through.

    If you think that it will still be within the listed price i would

    like to know more about how the future of flash lite on mobile phones

    looks like.

    Thanks heaps!


  3. Hello oxotnik-ga,

    I'm czh-ga and I answered your question after easterangel-ga told you

    he couldn't find much. A question is open and available to all

    researchers until it's locked and answered.

    As you can see, I found lots of information that directly applied to

    your question and I provided an answer. Below I?m including some

    additional links to help you explore ?flash lite on mobile phones.?

    Please don't hestitate to ask for further clarification about my

    answer to your question or on how Google Answers works.

    All the best.

    ~ czh ~

    Macromedia Flash Lite

    Create a powerful experience for mobile phones and consumer

    electronics devices using Flash Lite

    What Is Flash Lite?

    Flash Lite is the Flash technology specifically developed for mobile

    phones and consumer electronics devices. Flash Lite dramatically

    accelerates the delivery of rich content and browsing, and customized

    user interfaces. Designers and developers now have a new level of

    expressiveness, efficiency and interactivity for content creation.

    Flash Lite has seen explosive adoption by OEMs, operators and

    developers in Japan and Asia, and is quickly growing worldwide. This

    growth is driven by the mature Flash authoring environment and

    rendering engine that delivers enhanced content and browsing,

    customized UI & a rich mobile experience across devices.


    In a Flash, cell phones could be dynamic

    Macromedia's strategy in spreading Flash into the PC universe was to

    give the Flash media software "player" away for free, while selling

    high-end, $1,000-and-up software programs to developers to make


    In mobile, Macromedia has a different, and potentially more lucrative,

    strategy. The company receives a royalty for every phone that uses

    Flash and charges 50 cents to $2 a phone. The firm competes with Sun

    Microsystems' Java and Qualcomm's Brew in the mobile market.

    (Macromedia and USA TODAY have a partnership to produce an

    Internet-based news application at


    Analysis of FlashLite

    February 1st, 2006

    I am following Macromedia (and now Adobe) efforts in the mobile since

    several years, and FlashLite became more interesting recently. Not due

    to the introduction of FlashLite2.0, which I do not think is the key

    point, but due to the support -even partial- of SonyEricsson after


    That?s why, in this entry, I will try to analyze what could the key

    success factor (and of course, weaknesses) of FlashLite.


    The Mobile Media Show is presented by Keren Flavell, content

    development consultant and interactive media producer for online and

    mobile phones.



    Search Results: < flash lite mobile OR cell phones >


    Search Results: < flash lite trends mobile OR cell phones >

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