Most Popular Writing Conferences

In the United States, which are the most popular writing conferences

and how many are in attendance? If that info is not available, then

would you let me know how many people attend writers conferences? In

the hundreds? Or thousands?

Clarification of Question bywordsmitten-ga

To clarify this question, I'm looking for the ten most well-attended

writing conferences in the United States. Thanks. (Okay, this is

part of my internship and not a regular homework assignment, but I'm

running into dead ends).

JJ Marino


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I think other researchers must have found, like me, that this

information is not easily available. Since you too have run into dead

ends, I wonder if you'd be interested in a database I've found which

might be useful. It lists many writers' conferences attended by

hundreds of people, as well as book festivals attended by thousands.

(It also lists small writers' workshops.)

Unfortunately there is no way to search the database by 'number of

attendees' though the majority of entries do give a figure for that.

You can search by state, month and/or 'focus', e.g. fiction,

non-fiction, horror, technical etc.

I started trying to pick out the largest conferences but it would be a

long job – perfectly possible but time-consuming, as there are about

900 conferences listed for the USA.

If you think information about this database would be a suitable

answer to your question, please let me know.

Clarification of Question bywordsmitten-ga


Thank you for letting me know about your database. If it is Shaw's

that you have, that's the dead end I'm talking about. They don't

quantify the information beyond the list of conferences itself, and

I've checked the Library of Congress (they have an online researcher

who is great) but found little in the Census (1998) so I'm starting to

think that the info just isn't "quantified" anywhere. Do you have a

better direction for me to go in?



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