Mother's Milk

For a mother adopting a baby, and who is not producing sufficient milk

supply, what is the medical name of the hormone she can take for


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  1. Hello rosemary25:

    Thanks for the interesting question. First thing for you to understand

    is that we at Google Answers are *not* medical experts – so please do

    not take any medication without first consulting with your qualified

    doctor and discussing the benefits and possible side effects. (Read

    the disclaimer at the bottom of this page please.) What we do here is

    search for information available at trusted sources – the same

    information that is readily available to you or anyone else. 🙂

    Having said that, I believe that the drug that you are thinking of is

    called *Domperidone*. Domperidone increases the production of the

    hormone prolactin in a woman's body, which stimulates breast cells to

    produce milk.

    An excellent set of pages on adoptive breastfeeding can be found at:

    Adoptive Breastfeeding


    More detailed information on Domperidone can be found at:

    Factsheet: Domperidone




    I hope this information helps with your research.

    If you need any clarification of the information I have provided,

    please ask using the clarification feature and provide me with

    additional details as to what you are looking for. As well, please

    allow me to provide you with clarification(s) *before* you rate this


    Thank you.


    Search Strategy (on Google):

    "breastfeeding" hormone adoptive



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