Movie About Possession of Family

I'm trying to locate a copy of a movie that aired on Sci Fi a couple

of years ago.

A family moves into a house, then the usual black ghosty apparitions

start. They hire paranormal investigators, secure a priest, and even

try to flee the baddies (including going camping, where the

apparitions follow).

Any ideas?

Request for Question Clarification byluciaphile-ga

Just to make sure I'm thinking of the same film: the family seeks help

from the church, who is skeptical. A priest stays in the house and the

apparitions do not occur while he is there. They also have someone who

specializes in the paranormal visit and she determines that there are

several ghosts, including (I believe) a demon. Does that sound like

your film?



Request for Question Clarification bykriswrite-ga

I think I know which film you mean. Did it take place in the U.S.? And

was the father the main target of the spirits?


Clarification of Question byworkingstorage-ga

Luciaphile– that is the correct premise, exactly.

Do you know what it is called and where I can get it?

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