Movie Adaptations of Novels

Have you a comprehensive list of motion picture adaptations of novels,

including movie title and any title change, release year, author,

screenwriter(s), and awards since 1939. Web links searched thusfar

provided only limited course-study listings. Not interested in a list

of books or references about the film trade. Follow-up fee

possible for anecdotal material surrounding adaptations.

Request for Question Clarification bybobbie7-ga

Hi Heartfuldragon,

I found a website where when choosing any given year from 1980-2003,

you obtain a list of movies released in that year, which includes the

name date and author of the book it was based on. Although this list

would only be from 1980 to the present, there would be over 790


Would you be interested in this information?



Request for Question Clarification bybobbie7-ga

I forgot to add that I could assemble the list for you in a word

document sorted by movie title or by movie release year.


Clarification of Question byheartfuldragon-ga

Hi Bobbie –

I know the Mid-Continental Library site. It leaves over 40 years not

covered, however. ZuZu's site is interesting as well, though not

comprehensive. And yes, if you find the mother of all resources, a

Word table would be perfect. Great first pass. Few know MCL.


5 thoughts on “Movie Adaptations of Novels

  1. Hi there,

    The mother of all movie resources is undoubtably the Internet Movie

    Database. The subscription version, IMDB Pro, has an advanced search

    which can find almost anything, and order the results many different

    ways. After playing with it for a while I found how to get a list of

    movies which are adaptations of novels.

    1. Sign up for IMDB Pro by visiting and clicking

    on the link at the top right of the page, labeled "Free Trial!, IMDB

    Pro". The trial requires a credit card, and is free only if you cancel

    your subscription within 14 days.

    2. After completing the signing up process, got to Advanced Search /

    Title Query.

    3. Deselect all boxes in Production Status except for "Released"

    4. Deselect all boxes in Type of Title except for "Movies"

    5. Enter 'based-on-novel' (including the quotes) in the Keywords field

    6. At the bottom of the page, under Display Options, choose how you

    would like the results ordered (I selected "Release Year" in the last

    drop-down box, and chose Reverse Sort). Click on the appropriate radio

    button below "Sort"

    7. Click on "Run Query!"

    The results of my search showed 13,269 movies, so you might want to

    refine the search to better suit your purposes. If you need any help

    with that, just ask me in a clarification.

    Search Strategy


    I visited the Internet Movie Database and browsed.

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Robert –

    Thanks for your prompt response. I'd not thought of an IDMb Pro trial.

    Even with your instructions on-screen, however, am unable to replicate

    your search results. The search produces 0 films. Some modifications

    of keywords pulled up 76-79 films, but nothing like 13,000.

    Further, there really are no IDMb menu items to elicit novelist and

    screenwriter, in addition to title and release year. Do you see a

    pattern that would include these items? If not, I still have no

    comprehensive listing and must call up films individually for the

    entries. Mail to my screen name at yahoo, if you like.


  3. No, I was in Pro. Turned out to be a server error. Am now largely able

    to duplicate your results . It's simply that I will need to call up

    each of 13,690 films on an individual basis, which is what I wanted to

    avoid — boy, did I want to avoid that…

    Anyway, thanks for your answer. If you have any further suggestions,

    let me know.

  4. Just a couple of things you may not have noticed:

    It appears that when the original novel has a different title to the

    movie, the novel's title will appear next to the author's name in the

    Main Details – if there is no title then it is the same as the movie.

    In the Advanced Search it is possible to select all the awards in the

    drop-down box by using the Control key when you click on them.

    Apologies for misinterpreting the requirements of your question.


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