Movie Musical Sing-Along

What theater in the San Francisco Bay area will hold a movie musical

sing-along in December or late November?

Request for Question Clarification byczh-ga

Hello 1big-ga,

I'm not sure if this meets your criteria, especially the "movie musical" aspect.

Fri 11/04/2005 – Sat 11/12/2005

Midnight Mass with your Hostess Peaches Christ

Battle of the Sing-Alongs!

Landmarks Bridge

415-267-4893 3010 Geary Blvd

San Francisco, CA 94118

If this isn't it, can you tell me more about what you're looking for?

~ czh ~

Clarification of Question by1big-ga

I don't know what clarification you need. I read somewhere, several

months ago, about a program to occur sometime in December (it might

have been late November) of 2005 featuring a movie musical (can't say

positively which one, but it may be The Sound Of Music) with which the

audience is invited to sing-along. I thought I had saved the article

but have lost it. Cannot recall what publication gave that

information; I was not successful looking at S. F. Chronicle website.

That's all I have. No – it just occurs to me that it may have been in

the AAA magazine? Good Luck to you/us.

One thought on “Movie Musical Sing-Along

  1. Howdy 1big-ga,

    It is in late November, it is indeed "The Sound of Music," and it will

    be at the Castro Theatre.



    Sing-a-Long-a Sound of Music

    Sa, Su, M, Tu 1:30p, 7p

    For those of you not yet converted, Sing-a-Long-a Sound of Music is a

    screening of the classic Julie Andrews film musical in glorious, full-

    screen Technicolor, complete with subtitles so that the whole audience

    can sing along!"

    Directions to the Castro Theatre can be found here.

    "429 Castro Street, at Market Street"

    You can buy advance tickets through TicketWeb.

    It appears to run $12-$18 plus service fees, depending on if it is an

    afternoon or evening show, etc.

    If you need any clarification, please feel free to ask.

    Search strategy:

    Google search on: movie musical "sing along" "San Francisco"


    Looking Forward, denco-ga – Google Answers Researcher

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