Music History

Mendelssohn wrote two duets for clarinet and basset horn with piano

accompaniment for some musician friends in exchange for their sweet

dumplings and cheese streudel – dishes Mendelssohn had grown quite

fond of. He even set to work writing the first piece for his friends

while they were in the kitchen preparing the scrumptious dishes! For

whom were these pieces written and what was their relationship (to

each other)?

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Music History

what happened to the mark almond band

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  1. Hello Brewster2,

    The Mark-Almond Band was formed in 1970 and broke up for good in 1978.

    Here is an excerpt from their biography:

    ?British session musicians Jon Mark and Johnny Almond met while

    playing together in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and left in 1970 to

    form Mark-Almond, sometimes referred to as the Mark-Almond Band.

    (. . .)

    ?Both joined the Bluesbreakers in 1969 and appeared on the albums

    Turning Point and Empty Rooms; they left in 1970 and recruited bassist

    Rodger Sutton and keyboardist Tommy Eyre. The group built something of

    a following through touring, with their live shows often featuring

    lengthy instrumental jams. The group's roster grew to seven members by

    1973 before disbanding that year. Mark, despite losing a finger in an

    accident, recorded the solo album Songs for a Friend in 1975. He and

    Almond reunited that year and released To the Heart in 1976; they got

    a deal with A&M in 1978 and released Other People's Rooms, but neither

    LP was successful and the duo broke up for good?

    Artist Direct: All Music Guide,,463434,00.html#bio


    Formed: 1970

    Disbanded: 1978

    Jon Mark

    ?After the group dispersed in the late '70s, Mark moved to New

    Zealand, where he has so far produced two albums of impressionistic

    synthesizer pieces?

    All Music Guide


    ?Jon is in fact in New Zealand and is a part of the White Cloud music

    company. He is still recording but it is all ambient type stuff,

    musical interpretations of places he has been. He has made approx. 10

    albums as a solo artist?

    ?Jon Mark lives in New Zealand and Johnny Almond lives in San Francisco.?

    ?Johnny Almond was on "The Turning Point" "A Hard Road" "Blues

    Breakers with Clapton" "Empty Rooms" We don't know of his other

    recording history. He resides in San Francisco bay area.?

    ?Jon Mark, with Johnny Almond, wrote and played in the Mark-Almond

    Band (no relation to singer Marc Almond) and some of the most

    interesting music of the early '70s.?

    ?After the band broke up, Jon released a solo album, "Songs For A Friend,"

    one of the most intensely emotional albums I have ever heard. I have been

    thinking about submitting his (long out of print) album to the Taping

    Project, backing it up with excerpts from Mark-Almond albums.

    (. . .)

    ?Unfortunately, something happened to him (musically) after that. A couple

    of years ago I happened upon 3 cds of his released in Australia around

    1990, but he does not sing on them at all, and the music is newagey

    instrumental and extremely boring to me. Even "Alhambra," music based on

    Spanish roots, is barely interesting. A friend who has a large newage

    collection, who positively loves the genre, says that the albums are not

    very good at all. Repetitive, etc.?

    John ALMOND biography

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    "Mark Almond band"

    "Mark Almond band" ?broke up

    "Johnny Almond" "Mark Almond band"

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best regards,


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