Music in the Movie "johnny English"

does anybody know which song it is when Johnny was dancing in the shower?

One thought on “Music in the Movie "johnny English"

  1. Hello.

    Apparently, the song was "Does Your Mother Know?" by ABBA.


    "Johnny English???

    and later on, twice, you see him dancing in the bathroom, singing and

    acting up to Does your mother know! The DYMK scenes were actually

    pretty funny!"

    Listen to a clip of "Does Your Mother Know?" at It's

    Track #20 on ABBA: The Definitive Collection


    search strategy:

    "johnny english" singing

    "johnny english" abba

    I hope "Does Your Mother Know?" is the song that you had in mind. If

    not, please let me know via the "request clarification" feature.


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