Music Industry and Payola Laws

I am writing a book on the woes of the music industry; especially as

it relates to the broadcasting and music businesses struggling to work

together under the watch of the FCC and their outlandish PAYOLA laws.

I need a good reference book that deals with this ( I already read

HITMEN by Fredrick Dannon) that is not too clinical and fun to read.

What do you recommend?

One thought on “Music Industry and Payola Laws

  1. I am pleased that you liked my suggestion of "Payola in the Music

    Industry: A History, 1880-1991," by Kerry Segrave.

    A performed a search using the Library of Congress Online Catalog, and

    this was the only history of payola that I could find. There is,

    however, a fictional account that might be of interest to you:


    by Gerry Cagle

    Bobby Holliday, the anti-hero of this harrowing and true-to-life

    novel, thinks he has it made. Not yet 30, married to a beautiful,

    affectionate wife, he's been promoted as vice-president of programming

    by a powerful radio network based in Los Angeles. The dark side is his

    arrogant self-confidence, exploitative behavior and inability to

    resist the blandishments of sex, drugs and under-the-table money

    thrown at him by mob-backed record promoters. These sleazy characters

    are apprehensive that he will interfere with their practice of bribing

    music programmers to play favored recordings, but Bobby proves to be

    oblivious to their chicanery. Eventually, however,he threatens to

    expose the record scam to the FBI, and seals his own doom. Cagle

    writes with great energy and authority (he is a long-time radio disc

    jockey), but the net effect on the reader of this edifying tale is

    depressing. The novel is timely, however, in view of an ongoing FBI

    investigation into industry payola." Payola!

    If you are seeking a copy of the Segrave book, this will help:

    AddAll Used Book Search: Payola in the Music Industry


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