Music Used by Us Figure Skaters

What was the music Hinzmann and Parchem (US Figure skating pair) used

in there 2/11 Turino Olympic performance? I believe the artist was Yo

Yo Ma, but I do not know the name of piece.

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  1. Hi mcvic,

    From the Columbus Dispatch:

    "…In the end, Hinzmann and Parchem were 0.66 of a point ahead of

    Orscher and Lucash, the defending U.S. champions. That was the

    difference between a trip to Turin and a seat at home.

    "Today Hinzmann and Parchem will step on the ice at the Palavela arena

    and perform their short program, backed by Yo-Yo Ma?s cello music from

    "The Mission".

    The pair?s technical skate is the first major event of the Winter Games…"

    Source: Columbus Dispatch

    Columbus skater out to avoid close shave

    Saturday, February 11, 2006

    Search words using Google News:

    music Hinzmann Parchem Torino

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