Mv Taiwan

Where website music , music movies Taiwan (DVD) ?

Website for buying online fisrt and then i can download online.

Please answer quickly !

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  1. Hi hieupc,

    Here you go-


    In keeping with your request for speed, I'm sending this along

    quickly. If you have any questions, if this doesn't meet your needs,

    or if I've misunderstood your quesion, please post a clarification

    request and wait for me to respond before closing/rating my answer.

    Thank you,


    Google Search Terms Used: taiwan music download

  2. Thanks you again. you've understood me. But i need some singer taiwan:

    ex: S.H.E or Jay Chou. 2 site which you give me is very good, but i

    can't find that singers. Can you find site have these singer above,

    please?. Good luck.

  3. Dear hieupc,

    First, let me thank you for your generous tip, that is very nice of

    you and I appreciate it. I'm very glad to hear that you are happy with

    my answer.

    In regards to Jay Chou, how's this?

    Jay Chou

    iTunes should have many of the artists who you are looking for. You

    have to download the software first to have access to the iTunes Music


    iTunes 6

    I hope that helps!


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