Name of an Obscure Sci-Fi Novel

Hi. This is a pretty vague question but: when I was a kid, I read a

sci-fi novel whose title and details escape me. The basic premise, if

i remember right, was that the planets of the solar system had been

replaced by dyson spheres. so one at the radius of mercury, one at

the radius of venus, etc. no one knows much about how this came

about, and what is at the center etc. etc., so an assassin named the

lion (and described as being magnificently ugly) and some other people

get hired by some billionaire or ai or something and try to go to the

center. note that i could be wrong about any of these details. any

idea as to the title of the book?

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  1. Dear ajithr,

    The book you have in mind is Colin Kapp's "Cageworld" (also known as

    "Search for the Sun!"), first part of his series of four Cageworld


    These excerpts of summaries show clearly that "Cageworld" is the book you remember:

    "The five protagonists are hired by a mysterious man/machine to search

    for the computer system that runs a completely redesigned solar system

    involving concentric Dyson spheres. Their quest takes them inwards

    from the 'mars sphere' towards the sun (which no-one has seen in

    generations since they live on the *outsides* of the spheres)." [1]

    "The stories themselves dealt with a group of explorers who flew from

    one dyson shell to others, something that had never been done. In the

    first book they wanted to get to the center of the solar system to see

    the mythical sun. I don't remember what the other missions were. There

    were at least three characters – a master assassin, an aquatic mutant

    who could generate bio-electric shocks and a master showman who was an

    expert with holography." [2]

    In case you'd like to purchase this novel: Although "Cageworld" is

    currently out of print, there are various offers for used copies at

    Amazon, many of them inexpensive:

    I hope this answers your question!




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    Search terms used:

    cageworld summary


    cageworld "colin kapp";

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