Name of Home Run Song

What is the name and artist of the song they play at the stadium after

a home run or a goal. Ya know, the people yell "HEY" at one point.

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  1. Hello Trakkarclay and thank you for your question.

    The name of the song that you’re referring to that is played at the

    stadium after a home run is Rock and Roll – part 2 by Gary Glitter.

    Gary Glitter

    “British singer is best known for the instrumental sports anthem "Rock

    & Roll – part 2 (1972), also known as The Hey Song. (..) Instrumental

    known as the "Hey!" song with snarling guitar riffs and yells of

    "Hey!" throughout."

    Source: All But Forgotten Oldies Website

    The CD “Rock and Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits” contains the song

    “Rock and Roll – part 2” and it’s available for online purchase at the

    Amazon website. You may listen to a sample of the song there as well.

    Gary Glitter: Ultimate Gary Glitter includes Rock And Roll (Part 2)

    and it’s available for purchase at CD Now as well.*GARY/itemid=1363982

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    home run song

    I hope you find this helpful and if there is anything that I've

    written that needs clarification, please ask before you rate this


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