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I recently read a book while overseas (where I left the book) about a

Boston PI who has his office in an unused bell tower of the local

Chaolic church. He has a female partner who married the PI's boyhood

friend who is a real jerk and beats her up regularly. They solve a

mystery involving a document stolen by the cleaning woman at the

statehouse that ties the leadership in the Statehouse to a crooked

local mayor of a small town who is really a crime boss.

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  1. Hi bonner62,

    I believe the book you are looking for is called "A Drink Before the

    War" by Dennis Lehane.

    From a Review in Amazon UK:

    "To find a great mystery writer is akin to a great bottle of wine for

    me. Dennis Lehane is one of the best mystery writers around. His

    stories center around Boston and South Boston is the neighborhood. In

    "A Drink Before the War" we meet Patrick Kenzie and Anglea Gennaro- a

    private detective team. Both are locked into their own mysteries- that

    of abvuse- Patick abuse from his father, a powerful man in his own

    right. And Angela abuse from her husband. The hint of a relationship

    is there, but it is subtle and nothing is out in the open.

    This mystery opens with a cleaning woman who has stolen papers from an

    important Boston politico. She asks for assistance and as the

    storyline deepens- race relations between black and white come to the

    fore. The streets of Boston are explored and explained…"

    At the link below you can find other books written by Dennis Lehane:

    "A Drink Before the War" is available for purchase at Amazon:

    Search criteria: book boston detective "cleaning woman"

    I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions regarding my answer,

    or believe this is not the book you remember, please don?t hesitate to

    ask for further assistance before rating.

    Best regards,


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