Name That Song and Artist

Hello, I'd like to know the name of the song and the artist of the

song played during Cedric the Entertainer's routine in the movie, "The

Original Kings of Comedy." I believe the song was played during the

routine of black people driving to the moon. The song's genre is funk,

probably late 70's/early 80's. The chorus goes something like "you're

the girl, that makes me feel so good…"

Any help would be most appreciated.

One thought on “Name That Song and Artist

  1. I love this sweet, sassy song. Ah, the '80s. They don't sing 'em like

    this any more!

    "Cutie Pie," as sung by One Way:

    Cutie pie

    You're the reason why

    I love you so

    I don't want you to go

    You're the girl who makes me feel so good

    Cutie pie

    Cutie pie

    You brighten up my day

    It's impossible

    For me to stay away

    Lately hazy

    Girl, I'm goin' round

    I want you to know

    How much I love you so

    Lately hazy

    Girl, I'm goin' ‘round

    Want you to see

    How much you mean to me

    You're the girl who makes me feel so good

    Cutie pie

    Nothin' but a cutie pie…

    You can listen to an audio clip of the song here (and the CD is on

    sale for only $4.99!):

    CDNow: Cutie Pie

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