Name That Tv Show

There was this TV show I watched as a kid. It was about this Texas

billionaire who went around with this young kid, solving crime. I

remember he had this big car, like a Cadillac or something, and it had

a pair of horns mounted at the front.

What was the show, and where can I see it again?

Request for Question Clarification bymother-ga

I'm hoping that some researcher with a better memory than mine will

know this right away. In case that doesn't happen, in what year do you

remember watching this show? Are you sure it was a series, and not a


Good luck!

— mother-ga

Clarification of Question bymarkabe-ga

I went to the TV guide for Matt Houston at:

and that show is not the one I'm after.

The lead Texan was in his fifties, with a white moustache, kinda like

Colonel Sanders. When I say he went around with a young kid, it's

really relative to the Texan, because the kid is in his twenties.

I remember in one episode the Texan buys a dog for his sidekick. The

sidekick thinks they're going to a fancy place to buy a pedigree, but

instead they go to an animal shelter. The sidekick is disappointed,

but the Texan explains how abandoned dogs make the most loving pets.

I remember the big car because it featured in the opening credits, and

the Texan sometimes used it to ram the car of the bad guys at the end

of a car chase.

Also the Texan is not a professional investigator, but someone who

solves crime in his spare time.

Hope this clarification helps.

Clarification of Question bymarkabe-ga

I checked out pinkfreud-ga's answer, and J.J. Starbuck is the one. Well done!

Any idea where I can get a copy of the show?

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