Need Tutorial to Speek Olde English

I was recently at a renaissance festival and realized I need to

practice to be good at conversing in olde english. Are there any good

tutorials I can get? Perhaps a website or a book that can help me

believably talk in olde english?

One thought on “Need Tutorial to Speek Olde English

  1. Hello mxnmatch,

    Here are four Web resources on "faire" language:

    "Proper Elizabethan Accents" [also cited on the page mentioned by pinkfreud]

    Ren Faire

    "Elizabethan Language Guide"

    Heart of the Forest Renaissance Faire

    "Faire Speak," by Victoria A. Chavez and Melissa L. Holt

    The Music of My Mind

    "Renspeak Language Guide"

    Rosalily's Renfest Regalia

    – justaskscott

    Search strategy —

    Searched on Google for:

    "renaissance faire" language links

    "renaissance fair" language links

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