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We are a trading company supplying metal products for mainly

automotive use to markets in Europe and USA. These metal products are

sourced from China/India/Korea.

Our USP is low cost sourcing and breadth and scope of supply chain

services. We can design the part, source it, ship it, chase it,

customs clear it and deliver it to the customer.

Current customers include tractor manufacturers, truck transmission

manufacturers, construction equipment manufacturers, street furniture

wholesalers, precision automotive parts fabricators et al.

Our parts are proprietary, i.e. they are made for the specific model of

truck, tractor or whatever, manufactured by our Customer – they are

not generic parts although we do supply some nuts and bolts which are.

The materials we supply are iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless

Steel and aluminium amongst others. This might be in the form of

castings, machined castings, forgings, die castings, fabrications etc.

We are looking for new customers in Europe, Canada, North and South America.

These customers may not be in the automotive sector. There may be

market sectors out there that we have not thought to consider. As an

example it may be that the medical sector might take stainless steel


We are looking for research which might identify markets for our metal

products that we have not recognised or considered up until now. We

are also looking for more logistics customers i.e. moving goods around

and maybe storing them in our warehouse, but this is not the priority.

The answer I am looking for is a list of market sectors as opposed to

Customers. Industries and markets that would potentially use metal

products in some way.

Is this an area that you can help us with? If so, what would be your fee?

What additional information would you require?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards


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  1. Hi! Thanks for the question.

    Here are some of the other markets in the metals industry that you may

    want too pursue:

    STEEL in General:

    – Cans: soda cans, aerosols, toiletries, paint cans.

    – Household items: refrigerators, washing machines, cutlery, cooking pots

    – Garden Tools

    – Jewelries

    – Office Equipment: filing cabinets, paper clips, staples and scissors.


    – Oil and Gas Industry: pipes, tubes, Oil well casing, tubings,

    distribution pipelines, transmission lines


    – hospital equipment

    – metal cutting tools

    – drill bits




    List of Products for Stainless Steel



    – Food Industry: beverage cans, food containers, household and

    institutional foil, rigid containers

    – Household items: doors, kitchen items: kitchen pots, frying pans,

    cookie sheets, dishes, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, picture

    frames, refrigerator trim

    – Garden products: lawn chairs, lawnmowers, ladders, gas grills, wind chimes

    – Building and construction: commercial, bridges, cable and

    transmission towers, arena domes

    – Transportation: Automotive, Aircraft, Marine, Rail, Space




    – springs

    – gun barrels

    – saws

    – dental & surgical instruments

    – electrical wires




    – photoelectric cells

    – radio tubes

    – rocket engines




    – paints

    – glass

    – flux

    – enamels

    – metal cutters

    – razor steel

    – surgical steel

    – paint driers




    – batteries

    – paint

    – flux

    – piping

    – explosives

    – cable covering




    – coinage

    – magnets

    – armour plates

    – plating




    – coinage

    – jewelry

    – wires

    – electronic parts

    – silverware




    – cables

    – medicines

    – chemicals


    Search terms used:

    Standard, accreditation certification environmental

    Steel ?stainless steel? iron aluminum metals industry market ?uses of?

    consumption consuming

    I hope these links would help you in your research. Before rating this

    answer, please ask for a clarification if you have a question or if

    you would need further information.



    Google Answers Researcher

  2. Dear Easterangel

    Thanks for the answer.

    Its not quite what I was expecting though. The sectors you quote are

    the more obvious ones. Some of the metals you have researched are

    elements rather than finshed products – caesium for example. We don't

    get involved in metals per se, but fashion products out of them, and

    mainly the metals I quoted to you.

    What I was hoping for was a little more lateral thinking. By way of

    example, we may supply parts for the railway industry – track parts –

    chunks of machined metal that hold the rails down – that kind of


    I suppose part of what I am saying is think more industrial and less

    domestic. Think more component and less finished goods. More wholesale

    and less retail.

    Another example might be machined metal parts as component parts for

    pumps, or for heat exchangers or any other application requiring

    precision components. The main thing would be that these parts are

    used in enough volume to justify developing and supplying them in the

    first place.

    We supply quite a range from small high precision parts stainless

    parts, to very large (1/2 ton) steel parts.

    Anyway this is a useful start and I am very grateful for your prompt

    response. You have given me some ideas already, but your response is a

    bit too generic. I am sure there is more detail to find.

    What do you think?

    Kind regards


  3. I think a good way to provide a solution will be to look at the

    different industrial steel products and look at examples of

    manufacturers of such products.

    You can see the different industrial uses here:

    Industrial Products, Spares, Goods & Supplies

    Examples: (The companies listed here are from India and are only for

    example purposes so as to give you only an idea of the products


    Aircraft Engine Components

    Shanu CNC ? Conveyor Belt Components

    A.V.I. International ? ??manufacturers and exporters of hi-tech

    industrial products like air pressure gauge, industrial valve,

    industrial fasteners, tube fitting, bearings etc.?

    Machine Tools Engineering ? Hydraulic Fittings

    New Era International _ Boiler Components

    Gears India- Cement Plant and Sugar Mills Gears

    AASHU Industries ? engineering components for chemical and pharmaceutical plants

    ADARSH Industries ? components and spare parts for the refrigeration industry

    International Trade Company ? Construction industry machine components

    Jai Durge ? Industrial Knives and Blades

    Universal Engineering Works ? ?supplier of Diamond Drill Bits, Drill

    Rods, Diamond Core Bits, Diamond Drill Core Bits, T.C Bits, Drilling

    Accessories etc.?

    Novino Marketing ? ?Earthmoving machinery spares?

    Pooja ? ?Manufacturer and supplier of aluminum die castings, die cast

    components, pressure die castings., electrical stampings, electrical

    lamination and steel processing.?

    Madras Hardtools- Supplies for Lifting Equipments

    Minuteman ? Injection Molding Spare Parts

    JAYA IMPEX ? Plant Machinery Equipment

    I hope these additional links will be of help to you.

    Thanks again!

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