Nobel Prize Winner

Who has won the Nobel prize in English literature in the recent years?

Who are the top English poets/writers nowadays? $10 tip if the answer

is good.

Request for Question Clarification byscriptor-ga

Dear starrry,

There is no Nobel Prize in English Literature, only a Nobel Prize in

literature. Certainly that the category you have in mind? In

addition, I should point out that the second part of your question is

almost impossible to answer: How do you define "top"? Those selling

most books? That would make the authors of the romantic soft-cover

novels you find in supermarkets the top writers. By influence or

quality? But that can't be measured objectively.

If you insist on the second part of your question, may I suggest that

you post it as a seperate question? It would significantly increase

the chances that you receive answers.



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