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I'm looking for a source of an online store or one which can deal via

e-mail to get a few damaged parts on a few Nokia Communicators, the

9210 and 9210i versions, fixed affordably.

We have a few of them due to the nature of our phone based applet

development work and as such we tend to damage them a lot. 😉

More than one source would be great as this way we'd be able to find

the most suitable supplier.

We're not looking for quantities, just a few to fix this broken thingy

and that ding.

Thank you.


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Hello lizardnation,

I am searching for sources for you but it would be helpful to know

where you are located. Are you in the United States? If so, what city

and state.


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Hello Wellen,

I'm not in the US, though I can have things bounce off of a forwarder

I have an account with.

I don't care where they are, as long as they can exchange information

online, email or other, to agree on shipping arrangements.

A good source with 'reasonable' pricing is all I want. 🙂


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I have found several sources but I hope you don't mind if I verify

that I am understanding your queston correctly. You want the spare

parts so that you can do the repairs yourself rather than places that

will do the repairs for you, correct?

Can you list some of the parts you are seeking so that I can compare

them to the sources I have found and make sure they are included in

their lists?

As far as 'reasonable pricing', do you have specific amounts in mind?

Thank you,


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Hello Wellen,

I appreciate the attention to detail you've put into this, it is

appropriate. 🙂

We need parts and we'll take care of the servicing, so I only need a

source for the parts and not the repairing service.

Parts such as external screens, internal LCDs, rubber legs, antennas,

external body (both parts), batteries and a few internal technical low

level replacement parts our technician would be able to provide a

name/number for to be ordered.

As to a sample pricing, give me an example of the above in the answer

and I won't punish you in rating the question if they're not suitable

as I don't feel that's easy to do without answering the question,

unless you would like to show a sample of the above parts pricing in a

clarification? 🙂

Thank you!

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Hello? 🙂


One thought on “Nokia Communicator Spare Parts Source – Online

  1. Your consideration is sincerely appreciated, lizardnation. I've posted

    my Comment below as an Answer in response to your reply. Hopefully you

    will find some of what you are seeking.



    My apology, lizardnation. I started to post this but got interrrupted.

    I don't feel that I have found 'exactly' what you are seeking

    according to the way your question is worded, so I am posting this as

    a comment rather than an Answer. Perhaps other researchers are also

    searching and can provide you with an Answer.

    After extensive searching, I have not found suppliers that carry most

    of the parts you are seeking. The Nokia web site ( ) makes the following statement concerning

    replacement parts:

    "Replacement Parts- Nokia provides parts to Authorized Service


    only. Please visit your local Nokia Authorized Service Center for

    replacement parts and service. Using parts and repair services from

    unauthorized service centers may void the warranty on your Nokia

    phone. Please call us at 1-888-NOKIA2U (1-888-665-4228) to find a

    Nokia Authorized Service Center near you. You may also send your


    directly to the Nokia Repair Center for parts replacement."

    This statement appears to be very accurate, replacement parts are not

    easily found outside of Authorized Service Centers."

    The sources that I had found and mentioned previously were those who

    carried items that were referred to as 'accessories' or 'spare


    But when I began to search for the specific items you listed, and

    similar items, they could not be found for the Nokia 9210 or Nokia

    9210i. Your models are indeed rare. Even when I tried searching for

    'aftermarket'/'generic'/'universal' parts such as this web site

    carries, they were not listed for your phones.

    ( see — "Still

    can't find in item? Please send an Email for a prompt response


    10am – 6pm PST excluding weekends & major holidays." ).

    One thing that became evident is that many of these sites had

    inventories that changed frequently and only listed some of their

    products online. I did not find any companies that had numerous

    replacement/repair parts for your phones. They usually suggested that

    you contact them by email to see if they have the items you need. My

    searching was done internationally but most of the results were from

    the United States and the UK, which I realize may be a difficulty for

    you. I'm listing some of the web sites below for you that may have

    additional products that are not on their web sites.


    "Many other spare parts in stock, please email for stock availability

    and price.""



    "PLEASE NOTE: we do stock many other spares, please email for


    We have spares, for Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Samsung(limited). We

    also stock the odd spare for the older handsets."


    "Below is only a breif list of some of our products, please contact


    for a complete listing."

    cellular @


    "Mobile Phone Batteries are available for most makes and models

    including rare and delisted models such as

    Nokia, 402, 5110, 5146, 702, 502, 503, 3210, 3310, 3330, 3410, 3510,

    3650, 1610, 6110 ,6130, 6150, 5100, 2100, 6250, 6610, 6650, 7110,

    7210, 7250, 7350, 7650, 6210, 6510, 8110, 8146, 8210, 8250, 8310,

    8810, 8850, 8890, 8910, 5210, 5510, 6510, 6310, 6310i, 6800, 7650,

    9210, i, e, and many more.


    "Can't find a specific Part or Manufacturer? Call us at 1-877-62PARTS

    (1-877-627-2787). We are open late and on the weekends.


    "Although I carry the entire Nokia Line listed below I only have

    online accessories for the Nokia cellphone series' that have a "*"

    before the name. All the other Nokia links will give you a NOT Found

    page defult. If you are looking for a cellphone item that is not

    listed online yet, just drop me an email and within 24 hours we will

    get back to you with a price quote."


    Please select the type of part you want, if you don't see the part

    you require then please email us:


    We have access to a large volume of various components for Nokia

    phones. If you're in limbo, chances are we've probably got what


    looking for. Email your request in for a quote. <

    The batteries and antennas for the Nokia 9210/9210i, or usable for


    models, were at least listed on some of the web sites.

    1. <

    2. – Universal antenna <

    3. (You will need to click the

    'Accessories' tab, then 'Nokia 9210' at this web site.)



    6. <


    Seaerching for 'spare parts' etc. produces many results but, again,

    many sites come up that do not actually list items for the Nokia

    9210/9210i phones. E-mailing them to see if they may have what you

    need is one option for you.

    A few 'spare parts' sites:










    I also visited forums where there were discussions about the Nokia

    9210/9210i phones to see if they had any information about repairing

    them. The only information I was able to find were suggestions that

    parts or phones that could be used for parts might be found at online

    auctions such as E-Bay, etc.

    However, this would mean that you would have to search or post your

    requests at these places. If you are interested, I've listed a few


    Auctions or communities where you would need to search and/or post a

    request –






    Forums –



    [Example: 3/18/2003 Tina CA history / Newest Li-Ion

    Batteries in stock / We have all the newest after market Li-Ion

    battery you are looking for, regular and extended. For example:

    Samsung A310 (1400mah), Samsung A500 (1400mah), Nextel i90 (1400mah),

    LG VX 1200 (1400mah)… and much more. Please contact me for complete

    list of batteries we carry. 909-868-2866 or



    I do realize these are not precisely what you were seeking,

    lizardnation, but I do hope another researcher may be more successful

    for you.


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