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I am a Los Angeles based novelist, and am about to finish a novel that

I am very excited about. I am looking for a professional (professor or

established writer perhaps?) who would be able to review my manuscript

and give me notes on it. I am aware of sites like and


like which give notes from generic sources, but am looking

for someone more established and professional, whom I would be able to

evaluate before paying or considering their comments. Please help me

find a literature professional (not site!) who would be available to

review my novel and give me notes.

Clarification of Question bybabybiglove-ga

The novel is in the Chick-Lit genre, hence I would be looking for

someone who has some experience with modern literature, as opposed to

someone who specilizes in historical or non-fiction novels.

Request for Question Clarification bynenna-ga

Are you in essence looking for an editor?


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  1. Dear babybiglove,

    The service you are looking for is generally described as critiquing or

    mentoring. I can refer you to two literary professionals, one a professor

    and the other a writer, whom you can hire to act as your mentor in the

    novel-writing process.

    Mark Chimsky currently lectures on various publishing topics at NYU

    (New York University), and was formerly a publishing executive at

    HarperCollins, Macmillan, and Little, Brown. You can call or write him

    to learn what national bestsellers he has edited and to discuss how you

    might work together.

    NYU: Faculty: Mark K. Chimsky

    Mark Chimsky Editorial Plus

    phone: (718) 796-7378


    My other recommendation is Jak Koke, who is one half of a two-person

    firm called Thriller Doctor, although he writes and edits several kinds

    of novels in addition to thrillers.

    Thriller Doctor: Credentials

    Thriller Doctor: Mentoring

    Thriller Doctor: Inquire

    I wish you all the best in your novelistic endeavors.



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