Nutritional Content of Food

I want to know where I can take some bakery items (ie. cookies,

muffins) to be analyzed for fat and calorie content. I have heard

that there are FDA approved laboratories that do this kind of work,

but I have been unable to locate them. I would prefer a laboratory

that is close to W. Los Angeles, and I would like to know how much it

costs to get one item analyzed.

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  1. Hello,

    This was interesting and I'm not sure I've been able to locate all you

    were looking for. My source for information was:

    Guidance for Industry FDA Nutrition Labeling Manual —

    A Guide for Developing and Using Data Bases

    (On the Web):

    &lt;a href=&quot;<a href=""></a>&quot;&gt;<a href=""></a>&lt;/a&gt;

    I quote from this site:

    &amp;quot;Selecting an Analytical Laboratory

    There are many laboratories in the United States that analyze food

    products for nutrition labeling purposes. It is beyond the scope of

    this manual to identify all such laboratories. The names and locations

    of appropriate laboratories can be found in publications of, for

    example, the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC), the

    American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC), the American Oil

    Chemists Society (AOCS), and the Institute of Food Technologists

    (IFT), as well as in numerous trade journals and similar publications.

    Laboratories performing nutrient analyses should be able to

    demonstrate that they operate under a documented Quality Assurance

    program that provides assurance that samples are adequately logged,

    stored, sampled, analyzed, and archived (if needed); that the

    integrity of the data collected is maintained; that analysts are

    appropriately trained; that equipment is calibrated; that analyses are

    conducted by appropriate calibrated methods and according to standard

    operating procedures; and that data are checked for errors and for

    reasonableness of results. Standard operating procedures for each

    method should include the use of Standard Reference Materials, spiked

    samples, or other validation materials.


    The cost considerations are an important factor, particularly if data

    bases for several products are contemplated. For example, using the

    1997 estimate of $750 (above), analysis of 144 samples could cost


    My comment: the cost factor was quoted from a 1997 estimate of

    $750.00. Being that was 5 years ago, it's likely it's a bit more

    expensive now.

    In addition, while reading the paper – I was able to determine you

    don't actually need to take the cookies/muffins to the laboratory,

    because if you comply with correct shipping procedures the food can be


    I hope some of this answers your query.

    Good Luck to you,


    I hope some of my answer to you was helpful. Good Luck. Sounds like

  2. edited:

    I'm interested in what you find out. Please post here if and when you

    receive your answer. Since I'm into nutrition and content labeling,

    I'd be curious if you found a mistake in labeling. Good Luck to you!


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