Olympic Size Pools in Manhattan (New York City)

I am looking to begin training for a sprint triathlon. I will be ok

with the bike and run, but I need some work in the pool.

I work at 38th & Broadway and live at 92nd & Broadway. I would like to

find something within walking distance of one or the other. I belong

to the NYSC (New York Sports Club) but no locations near me have

pools. I would be willing to pay something, but not too much. I am

going to need some coaching, but I suppose I could get third-party

coaches to come to a public pool.

Also, bonus question, are there any triathlon clubs in New York?

Clarification of Question bynuwanda-ga

*** Big clarification ***

I'm not actually looking necessarily for olympic sized, after reading

some more it doesn't look like olympic size is too likely — just a

lap pool big enough to do decent training.

Thanks all.

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  1. Hello nuwanda,

    Thank you for your question.

    I found a list of public indoor pools at New York.com's swimming




    Indoor Pools are open to the public year round. General hours of

    operation are 11AM-7PM.

    Asser Levy: East 23rd Street and Avenue A (447-2020)

    NOTE: The Asser Levy indoor pool is not open during July and August

    when the outdoor pool is open.

    Carmine Street: Clarkson Street and 7th Avenue South (242-5228)

    East 54th Street: East 54th Street bet. First and Second Aves


    John Rozier Hansborough Jr.: 134th Street bet. Fifth and Lenox Aves.


    West 59th Street: West 59th Street bet 10th and 11th Ave (397-3159)

    East 54th or West 59th might be workable for you.

    With summer around the corner, you might be interested in these

    outdoor pools:


    Hamilton Fish: Pitt St. and Houston St. (387-7687)

    Highbridge: Amsterdam Avenue and West 173rd Street (927-2400)

    Jackie Robinson: Bradburst Avenue and West 146th Street (234-9606)

    Lasker: W. 110th St. and Lenox Ave. (534-7639)

    Thomas Jefferson: E. 112th St. and First Ave. (860-1372)


    Asser Levy: Asser Levy Pl. and E. 23rd St. (447-2020)

    Carmine Street: Clarkson Street and 7th Avenue South (242-5228)

    Dry Dock: East 10th Street between Avenue C and D (677-4481)

    John Jay: East of York Ave. on 77th St. (794-6566)

    Marcus Garvey: 124th St. and Fifth Ave. (410-2818)

    Sheltering Arms: Amsterdam Avenue and West 129th Street (662-6191)

    Wagner: E. 124th St. bet. First and Second Aves. (534-4238)

    In the "best of" pages at the Village Voice you will find this for the

    best public pool:


    "Best Public Pool – Hamilton Fish Recreational Center

    "The water's a little cloudy," says a lifeguard at the HAMILTON FISH

    RECREATIONAL CENTER, "but it's really the cleanest public pool in

    Manhattan." The city has spent millions renovating this historic pool,

    which opened during the Great Depression and was a training ground for

    the U.S. Olympic team before they competed in Helsinki in 1952. Now

    big-bellied men waddle around the brick deck and bronze their guts in

    the sun. Pregnant women are in suits, too. In the four-feet-deep,

    colossal pool a lot of traffic: fluttering feet, multiple splash wars,

    simultaneous games of chicken, young men with fuzzy mustaches who dive

    underwater—hold their breath—and try to pinch bikini butts. "Stop,"

    the girls say, then giggle. The water stays crisp, about 70 degrees,

    and the maximum capacity is around 670 swimmers, the lifeguard says,

    but on a recent scorcher they broke 700. So, any floaters? "Not yet,"

    he says, then clasps his hands together in prayer. -Geoffrey Gray

    128 Pitt Street, Manhattan 387-7687

    Let's Go – New York City



    Two of the city's nicer pools include John Jay Pool (212-794-6566 east

    of York Ave. at 77th St., and Asser Levy Pool (212-447-2020), at E.

    23rd St. and Asser Levy Pl., next to the East River. (Subway to John

    Jay Pool: 6 to 77th St. Pool is four blocks east from station. Subway

    to Asser Levy Pool: 6 to 23rd St./Lexington Ave. Walk 5 blocks east

    from station.) Both pools listed above are free but you must bring

    your own lock and a proper bathing suit, although the latter's heated

    indoor pool is open only to members. All outdoor pools are open early

    July through Labor Day, 11am or noon to 7pm, depending on the weather.

    Call 800-201-7275 for other locations. Indoor pools can be somewhat

    safer than outdoor pools, but most require some sort of annual

    membership fee ($10 or more)."

    G City Kids


    92nd Street Y

    • Location: 1395 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10128

    • Neighborhood: Manhattan – Upper East Side

    • Phone: 212.415.5500

    • Hours: Mon-Thu 6am-10:30pm; Fri 6am-5pm; Sat 6:30am-10:30pm

    • Cost: Annual Membership prices vary. See below.

    • Web: http://www.92ndsty.org/

    Universally revered as the Y to beat all Y's, 92nd Street has so many

    classes and services it would take years to list them all. You don't

    need to be a member to take advantage of many of the Y's offerings,

    but we recommend joining, if only to support this great institution.

    A few of the major benefits for members include family swim and swim

    classes, Toddler/Parent Get-Togethers, Babysitting at $7/hour, and

    discounts on lectures and performances.

    Asphalt Green

    • Location: 555 E. 90th Street, New York, NY 10128

    • Neighborhood: Manhattan – Upper East Side

    • Phone: 212.369.8890

    • Hours: Mon-Fri 5:30am-10pm; Sat-Sun 8am-8pm

    • Ages: 1 and up

    • Cost: See below.

    • Web: http://www.asphaltgreen.org/

    Though it isn't as extensive as Chelsea Piers, Asphalt Green has some

    wonderful programs for kids, and a great community spirit. The pool

    and aquatics programs have been named "Best of…" year after year,

    and with good reason.

    If you just need a place to swim, without taking classes, you can drop

    by the Green, and pay $20/adult, $8/child. Membership (see below) is

    recommended if you think you'll visit often. Pool drop-in is not

    available Mon-Fri 3pm-8pm.

    West Side YMCA

    • Location: 5 W. 63rd Street, New York, NY 10023

    • Neighborhood: Manhattan – Upper West Side

    • Phone: 212.875.4100

    • Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-11pm; Sat-Sun 8am-8pm

    • Cost: Annual Membership required. See below.

    • Web: http://www.ymcanyc.org/branches/wside.html

    The West Side Y is the largest of the 19 branches in Greater New York,

    and has extensive facilities, including two pools, a

    basketball/volleyball gym, a boxing/martial arts gym and other

    facilities for adults. This branch offers wonderful writing programs

    for kids and teens, in addition to the usual classes and programs.

    Family Swim: The pool is open weekends during specified swim hours.

    The schedule changes monthly, so call or consult the Y's small pool


    And finally, a most excellent list at Search NY.com


    Sea Horse Divers

    1416 2nd Avenue

    New York, NY


    Sheraton Manhattan Fitness Center

    790 7th Avenue

    New York, NY


    Sheraton New York Health Club

    811 7th Avenue

    New York, NY


    Susan E Wagner Swimming Pool

    E. 124th Street & 1st Avenue

    New York, NY


    Thomas Jefferson Swimming Pool

    2180 1st Avenue

    New York, NY


    Tompkins Square Park Mini Pool

    500 E. 9th Street

    New York, NY


    UN Plaza Health Club

    1 UN Plaza

    New York, NY


    Wagner Houses

    E. 124th Street

    New York, NY



    180 W. 135th Street

    New York, NY



    224 E. 47th Street

    New York, NY


    Hamilton Fish

    128 Pitt Street

    New York, NY


    Hansborough Recreation Center

    35 W. 134th Street

    New York, NY


    Highbridge Recreation Center

    2301 Amsterdam Avenue

    New York, NY


    Inn on 57th

    440 W. 57th Street

    New York, NY


    Jackie Robinson Swimming Pool

    89 Bradhurst Avenue

    New York, NY


    John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    899 10th Avenue

    New York, NY


    Lasker Pool

    110 Lenox Avenue

    New York, NY


    Lenox Hill Neighborhood Association

    331 E 70th Street

    New York, NY


    Luye Aquafit

    310 E. 23rd Street

    New York, NY


    Manhattan Plaza Health Club

    482 W. 43rd Street

    New York, NY


    Marcus Garvey Pool

    13 E.124th Street

    New York, NY


    Marymount Manhattan College

    221 E. 71st Street

    New York, NY


    Monterey Sports Club

    175 E. 96th Street

    New York, NY


    NYU Swimming and Sports Center

    Mercer Street & Houston Street

    New York, NY


    Pan Aqua Diving

    460 W. 43rd Street

    New York, NY


    Paris Health Club Cafe

    752 W End Avenue

    New York, NY


    Pool Club Incorporated

    265 E. 66th Street

    New York, NY


    Printing House Fitness & Racquet Club

    421 Hudson Street

    New York, NY


    Riverbank State Park

    679 Riverside Drive

    New York, NY


    San Tropez Condominiums Pool

    340 E. 64th Street

    New York, NY


    Aerobics West Fitness

    131 W. 86th Street

    New York, NY


    All Star Fitness Club

    75 W. End Avenue

    New York, NY


    American Leisure Corporation

    595 Main Street

    New York, NY


    Asphalt Green

    555 E. 90th Street

    New York, NY


    Asser Levy Recreation Center

    E.23rd Street

    New York, NY


    Athletic & Swim Club (Equitable Center)

    787 7th Avenue

    New York, NY


    Battery Park Swim & Fitness Center

    375 South End Avenue

    New York, NY


    Borough of Manhattan Community Coll

    199 Chambers Street

    New York, NY


    Carmine Street Recreation Center

    1 Clarkson Street

    New York, NY


    Chelsea Piers (Sports Center)

    W. 23rd Street (Pier 60)

    New York, NY


    Club La Raquette

    119 W. 56th Street

    New York, NY


    Crowne Plaza

    1605 Broadway

    New York, NY


    Days Hotel

    790 8th Avenue

    New York, NY


    Doug Stern's Deep Water Running Classes

    5 W. 93rd Street

    New York, NY


    Downtown Athletic Club

    19 West Street

    New York, NY


    Dry Dock Swimming Pool

    408 E. 10th Street

    New York, NY


    Emanu-el Midtown YM-YWHA Alliance

    344 E. 14th Street

    New YOrk, NY


    Executive Fitness Center (Vista Hotel)

    3 world Trade Center

    New York, NY


    Excelsior Athletic Club

    301 E. 57th Street

    New York, NY


    Gold's Gym

    1635 3rd Avenue

    New York, NY


    I trust one of the above will prove to be what you need!

    Now for the bonus answer:

    Prospect Park Track Club


    Founded over 30 years ago, the Prospect Park Track Club (PPTC) is

    Brooklyn's largest and most active running club, with a membership

    that extends well beyond the neighborhoods surrounding Prospect Park.

    No matter what your age or ability, whether you are a beginner, a

    triathlete, a veteran marathoner, or even ultra-crazy

    ultra-marathoner, there's a place for YOU in the Prospect Park Track


    And, the New York Triathalon Club


    The NEW YORK TRIATHLON CLUB (NYTC) has embarked on its 19th year of

    organizing multi-sport events. During this period we have worked hard

    to produce the best value in multi-sport events available to athletes

    in the Tri-State area. To date we have organized over 380 events that

    drew approximately 60,000 competitors, many of them first timers to

    multi-sport competition. No other organization in the country has

    produced a more extensive and varied list of events. Our

    organizational expertise and safety record are known and respected


    The New York Triathlon Club is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3)

    organization dedicated to developing the sport of triathlon and

    related multi-sport events for racing, physical fitness and

    recreation. Our membership includes novice to seasoned athletes from

    throughout the Tri-state (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) area.

    Emphasis is placed on amateur competition. Established in 1983, the

    NYTC has grown to be the largest club of its kind in the country.

    Proceeds from races and membership fees are used to support and

    develop the innovative year-round programs and top quality events that

    distinguish the NYTC.

    Search Strategy:

    "new york city" +"public pool"

    "new york city" +"swimming"

    "new york city" OR Manhattan +"public pool" OR swimming

    "new york city" +triathalon +club OR aorganization OR group

    I trust my research has provided you with a comprehensive list and

    many possibilities. If a link above should fail to work or anything

    require further explanation or research, please do post a Request for

    Clarification prior to rating the answer and closing the question and

    I will be pleased to assist further.



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