Olympic Trivia

In the spirit of the recent Olympic games, I'm looking for some pieces

of Olympic trivia. I would like to know:

1. What was the median age of the athletes at the Athens '04 olympics?

2. Has the world record in an objectively-judged event (racing,

throwing, etc.) ever been beaten by 10% in an Olympic games? For

instance, if the previous world record was two minutes in a timed

event, the athlete would have had to have a time of 1:48 or lower; if

someone had thrown something 200 feet, the new record would have to be

220 feet or more. If this has happened, I would like two, preferably

three, examples (if it hasn't happened, I'd like reasonably strong

evidence to that effect.)

3. Are there any objective events in which the women's world record is

better than the men's record? If so, what?

4. It seems that artistic gymnastic judging standards have gotten much

tougher. Roughly, what would Nadia Comaneci's "perfect 10" routines

in '76 be scored at today?

5. Have the ribbons in rhythmic gymnastics routines ever torn in

competition? What happens to the scoring when that occurs?

6. Could you rank the medal-winning countries in the 2004 Olympics in

decreasing order of medals per capita in the country's population?

7. Will anyone offer complete coverage of the 2004 Olympic gymnastic

events on DVD with either Region 1 or regionless encoding?

An acceptable answer will offer responses to at least 6 of the 7 questions.

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