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Is on line bingo legal in California? I have been playing for a few

months, and it was told to me that it might not be legal. Need to

know, don't want to be involved in something that is not legal. Thank


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  1. Jojobingo, yes and no. The real question is whether opr not there is a

    payout in cash. Online games that don't result in a payout are of

    course not considered gambling.

    But let's assume that you're talking about onling gambling with a

    monetary payout of some kind. A good overiew of the gambling

    industry's position can be found at:


    This document states that the the Wire Act, most often used when

    discussing the illegality of, refers only to those engaged in the

    business of gambling. The following Las Vegas Sun article from

    November 2004


    states that the World Trade Organization has ruled that US laws

    banning online gambling is illegal from the point of view of global

    trade regulations.

    The following article


    asserts without question that onling gambling in any form is illegal

    in California. and the following site


    provides confirmation that online gambling, although the website

    confirms that the final decision at this point is far from clear.

    As of today, the following can be said:

    1) Online gambling is illegal in California

    2) Successful online gambling operations must operate offshore – often

    in the Carribean – to avoid US laws.

    3) While being a customer of an online gambling operation my

    technically be considered illegal, such customers are not currently

    being prosecuted.

    So the real decision comes down to one of personal ethics. Based on

    today's environment, you won't be prosecuted. However, you are

    supporting an operation that in itself is considered illegal under US


    I hope this answers your question! This was a fun subject to explore!


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