Online Lingerie Shops Without Photos of Models

Where (online) can my wife and I shop for women's intimate apparel

without being confronted with photographs of scantily-clad women? We

have discovered only one such site: What are

some others?

A good answer will be a list of several other online shops which sell

romantic garments, but display them without the use of a model. The

shops must be open for business to an English speaking person ordering

from a location in the U.S.

The best of all possible answers would include links to a shop or

shops that offers a selection of lingerie which is both classy &

alluring. (We thought many of the products offered by

lacked in the classy dept.)

Request for Question Clarification byangy-ga

Hi !

I've spent quite a bit of time looking for what you want without any

luck – though I've seen some lovely garments along the way.

Part of the problem seems to be that designers design for women, so

they like to see their products displayed by women, not dummies; and

also that manufacturers supply the retailers with the photographs that

they feel represent their products best; so the individual retailer

may not have much say in what photos they are allowed to display of a

particular garment.

There are however several sites that use models in much the same way

that the Kmart catalogue does – displaying the garment rather than

using suggestive poses. Would a site like that be acceptable to you?

I suspect from what you say that the kind of lingerie you are looking

for in terms of quality and appeal is the sort sold by Victoria's

Secret. They do, of course, use models and their catalogue is famous

for its glamour, but I personally (female) find the models elegant but

not provocative.

Clarification of Question byanonymous1-ga


Thank you for your prompt and helpful response. I apologize for my

delay in responding to your request for clarification.

Your explanation as to why we have had difficulty finding what we are

looking for is both plausible and even, perhaps, justifiable.

We also agree with your assessment re: the quality of merchandise

offered by Victoria's Secret; however, it appears to us that

Victoria's Secret has become more aggressive in capitalizing on the

revenues generated by sexy images, supermodels, etc. As, we have come

to feel that their marketing practices are neither discreet nor

glorifying to marriage, we have begun looking for alternatives.

But to the point–we would be grateful if you would share with us the

shops that you have discovered which display garments without sensual

or provocative marketing.

Thank you again for the time you have invested in responding to our


One thought on “Online Lingerie Shops Without Photos of Models

  1. Hi, anonymous1 !

    Thank you for getting back to me. I've listed belowe some sites which

    I personally, as a woman, found inoffensive, though obviously you will

    have to make your own judgement. I didn't find any site without one or

    two sensual poses, but as far as I can tell these sites do not seem to

    be exploitative of the women in the pictures. Obviously, I haven't

    looked at every pisture on every site.

    EDA has a very pretty line, some on elegant models, not offensive, at:

    Their nightwear is displayed on a washing line in a garden, and on


    Maple Drive in Europe ships world wide and its pictures are mostly


    Annoyingly, their opening page is perhaps the most suggestive. The

    range can mostly be viewed as thumbnails, so there is no need to

    enlarge a picture you don't like. The Pretty Polly Italia tights

    picture was about the most provocative, and that's actually a picture

    of the product pack, and one of the baby doll nightie sets is rather

    over sexy-cute. The quality looks good. Some of the models are heavily

    made-up, and they have elaborate hair styles, but I guess that's

    because Maple Drive also sells wigs. Their quality looks good and

    their styles are interesting.

    Smart Bras is at:

    Their models generally a la Kmart – wholesome types. The Classified

    brand range uses a slightly more consciously sexy model. As I

    mentioned before, I think this is dictated by the manufacturer, not

    the retailer.

    Bare Necessities is at:

    They do use models, but they are generally very modest, and initially

    are seen as tiny thumbnails, so there is no need to enlarge a photo

    you feel might be offensive. Most display poses are very similar to

    the plastic mannequins at Integrity Intimates. Products are not high

    glamour but seem to be high quality. They also carry men's lines. Use

    your judgement if exploring their Valentine's gift section – that's

    definitely more deliberately sexy.

    A similar range is carried by Essential Apparel:

    And there is Lingerie Direct in the same vein – mostly foundation


    The Hong Kong Silk company

    uses models who one the whole reflect that countries more modest

    approach to sensulaity – and the clothes look great, too ! The

    steamiest I found was about the level of a Harlequin Romance cover. If

    that's too strong, then don't go there.

    Iris Silks at:

    has men's and ladies' lines modelled Kmart style.

    Models are sexy but not offensive (to me, anyway).

    I do hope you find something suitable.

    Search terms: "lingerie online"

    "Christian lingerie"

    "night wear"


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