Original and Proven Ideas For Sms Service/content Providers


As the title expresses, would like to hear about what you think or can

reference as excellent ideas for plain non-MMS SMS content. This can

be EMS, nothing requiring a smaller group of compatible mobiles.

Ideas of interaction and addictive unique ideas for content you'd

think would attract customers to use the service.

Thank you.


One thought on “Original and Proven Ideas For Sms Service/content Providers

  1. Hi! Thanks for another interesting question.

    I have found some original ideas from different websites and vendors

    for SMS content that could be potentially addictive to your users.

    One way to generate great ideas is to see how users presently use SMS

    to improve their lives. The Text By Numbers website provides such

    ideas from showing a promotional message at the door to get discounts,

    to being warned that the video you rented is past overdue.

    “How others use SMS”


    One website called Alerts provide different types of alert content for

    your mobile phone. The things I found rather original are the


    Positive News Alerts

    Reminder Alert

    Religion Alert



    One idea for a text messaging system would be to attract a newer

    segment of the market. The next article discusses a technology which

    will enable the visually impaired to access and use SMS.

    “SMS Texting For Visually Impaired People”


    Another idea that is catching on these days is using permission based

    SMS services. Max Power, a Britain based motorcycle magazine

    publisher, uses the technology to create a tightly knit community

    among its readers.

    “Readers will now have the opportunity to interact with the magazine’s

    editorial team via SMS in order to respond to magazine articles or

    topical issues, as well as providing input on future magazine

    features. Max Power will also be offering unique SMS content via its

    own mobile phone site – Max Txt – which is being managed by Opera

    Telecom. This will offer ring tones, logos, Cyberbabe voicemail, SMS

    chat rooms allowing conversation between readers, SMS dating services,

    and a range of SMS games.”

    “In addition, Max Power plans to start delivering SMS alerts to its

    customers that will remind them to renew their car insurance policy

    and, in moving forward, will supply readers with information about

    deals on new and second hand cars via SMS.”




    I thought of the services I would really like to find in my SMS phone.

    Probably some of the services I will mention here are being

    implemented right now but most are not prevalent yet.

    a. SMS Dictionary – Send a message to get the definition of a word.

    b. Message translation service – Just like you past question.

    Translations could be done automatically or manual for a higher fee.

    c. Books, movie, music reviews on demand before I buy the book or CD

    and watch the movie.

    d. World Time Request for any country – I want to call my relatives

    through my mobile phone in another country but have no clue if they

    are awake or in deep sleep at a particular moment.

    e. Exchange Rate Info for any currency – I want to exchange my dollars

    I got as a gift last Christmas but don’t know the prevailing rate as

    against my local money

    f. Country facts – It would be helpful to get at least the basics of a


    I would be going on a business trip in. A sample of the information

    that would help would be the following:



    -Exchange Rate

    -Weather & Temperature

    Alert SMS Content

    Store Sale (Find the best discounts)

    Flight Information (for any delays etc.)

    I know that some of these could be acquired on the Internet but for

    those who are always on the run or not particularly web savvy, its a

    feature they would find very handy.

    Search terms used:

    SMS content innovative new ideas samples

    I hope you like the ideas I presented here. As always before rating

    this answer, please ask for a clarification if you have a question or

    if you would need further information.

    Thanks for visiting us again.



    Google Answers Researcher

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